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04-10-09, 10:31
I found Samuel Clay Bristow (yes, I know, another one of those annoying Bristows!) listed in a 1902 London street directory on ancestry last night, at 9 Farnley Road, South Norwood. I thought this morning I would go through the later London directories on the Historical Directories website to see when he stopped being listed at that address (I'm trying to find out when he died and have never found a death registration for him).
But I can't find Farnley Road in either the London directories or the London suburbs directories on there. Can anyone else?

04-10-09, 17:59

It was still around in 2008 as there are online planning applications concerning it!

Rosi Glow
04-10-09, 18:04


04-10-09, 18:51
Yes, it's still there and I had found it on an A-Z, sorry, what I meant to ask was, can anyone find it in a street directory later than 1902 but before about 1920?

04-10-09, 19:04
Ah, it looks as though the Post Office London suburbs directory didn't include that area; presumably it wasn't actually in the county of London in those days? But Kelly's did include it. And unfortunately most of the London directories on the Historical Directories website are Post Office ones rather than Kelly's.

04-10-09, 19:11
I'm not having any luck with the address, but just wondered if you have a death for his wife, Jane?

04-10-09, 19:23
No, I don't have a death for Jane, Merry. She was born about 1830 (in Liverpool).
I've managed to find some Surrey directories that include South Norwood - 1911 and later ones. No Bristow listed at Farnley Road in 1911, which doesn't surprise me as I can't find them on the 1911 census! But I can't find any directories between 1902 and 1911 to see what year they stop being listed.

04-10-09, 19:25
And that Jane who died in Portsmouth in 1902 was their sister-in-law.

05-10-09, 11:20
I can't remember how far out the Ward directories go, but there are such good directories for Croydon that other street directories may not have bothered so much. There is certainly a brilliant run 1900 - 1911, cos I've used them.

Would you like me to pop over to the local studies library one lunch time?

05-10-09, 11:21
Oh yes, please, Phoenix, if you could, that would be great! Thanks.

05-10-09, 15:11

He first appears in the directories in 1899 at 9 Farnley Road and is there till 1906.
In 1905/6 he is on the Burgess Roll & 1906 on the Parochial Register.
In 1906/7 nobody is on the Burgess Roll. Widows are also listed, but nobody is down for that address.
In 1907 nobody is on the Parliamentary Roll or the Parochial Register.
In 1907, Clement Barber is on the Street Directory.

I checked the name index IN THE Street Directory for 1907 but he had vanished from Croydon.

NB in one directory he is S Clay Bristow, as if he preferred his middle name.

05-10-09, 15:22
Wow, that's great, Phoenix, thank you very much. So it sounds as if either Jane died before him, or they moved away from that address rather than died there, or she moved out of the house soon after he died. Or, I suppose, since they were Bristows, they could have separated!

I'd never thought of him being known by his middle name, so I'll see if I can find anything using that. I thought of it as one of those annoying middle names but it could be he was known as Clay, couldn't it?

05-10-09, 15:55
There is a Mr S Bristow and Mrs Bristow who sailed from Bristol to Kingston, Jamaica 30th July 1906 on the ship "Port Antonio". No children with them, and no info given on the passenger list such as age, address, occupation etc. Is it possible they emigrated to Jamaica at the ages of 74 and about 76 respectively?
The date fits so nicely with their disappearance from the directories etc. and I have never been able to find a death for Samuel. I shall have to find out about where to get Jamaican info from!

05-10-09, 15:56
It really does seem possible, esp as there doesn't seem to be a death here for either of them.

05-10-09, 16:01
It's very odd. I would have thought that he either died or was looked after by children.

Mind you, is he born 1827 in Lincs or 1832 in Bermondsey?

05-10-09, 16:08
Oh wow, that does seem likely, Kite. Perhaps they had children/relatives out there?

05-10-09, 16:08
He's the one born 1832 Bermondsey. He didn't have any children. Jane had a daughter by her first marriage Martha Maybrick Ritson, who married a William Woodward and had a son Samuel Stuart Woodward.

There are some possible deaths for Jane but not in obvious places, so I don't really want to order death certs just on the offchance. If only she had an unusual middle name too!

05-10-09, 16:10
I wonder if their deaths would be on the GRO overseas indexes if they died in Jamaica? I shall have a look after I've made the kids' tea...

05-10-09, 17:06
I shall have a look after I've made the kids' tea...

*wonders if they are enjoying their very quick marg sandwiches* :d

05-10-09, 18:40
Lamb stir fry, thank you very much, Merry!

I couldn't find them on the GRO overseas indexes but I suspect that if they died in Jamaica they would only be registered in Jamaican civil registers.

I've come across a pay site called Jamaican Familysearch which has the option of a one-month sub for 8 US dollars and doesn't automatically renew subs. I know it's a long shot that I would find anything about the Bristows on there - it does come up with several matches for Bristow on the free search, but most of them are a long time before 1906. But it just so happens that my 4xg-uncle, David Ferrier, was an attorney in Kingston, Jamaica in the late 18th / early 19th century, before he returned to Edinburgh to die, and I would love to find more info about his life in Jamaica so I think I might take out a one-month sub as there are quite a few matches for Ferrier on lawyery things on there, and then I (hopefully) won't have wasted my money if I don't find any of my Bristows.

05-10-09, 18:43
I had a sub with that site a few years ago. It was nice and easy to navigate etc, so even if you don't find what you want, at least you won't be stressed! lol

*looks mournfully at slightly curling tuna and mayo sarnie*

05-10-09, 22:27
Well, I didn't find my Bristows on that site, but I did find lots of mentions of David Ferrier. Some of the almanacs on there list the Attorneys at Law "in the order in which their names are called in court", so I could watch him rise up the list. He was number 13 in his last one!

06-10-09, 11:31
The title of this thread is becoming seriously misleading! Now I've found Jane Bristow's grandson Samuel Stuart (or Stewart) Woodward going to and fro between England and Jamaica in the 1920's, and on the UK incoming passenger list from 1926 he gives occupation as Planter, country of last permanent residence Cuba, country of intended future permanent residence Other Parts of the British Empire. I haven't worked out what happened to his mother after 1901 yet, but maybe she went to Jamaica too?