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Muggins in Sussex
04-10-09, 10:00
This is probably a really dumb question :o - but I've never looked at one of these on Ancestry before!

The WW1 service record for William Ernest Allison is a "Short Service Record" dated 1890.

I was just a bit surprised - or is that normal? ( I mean is the record normal, not is it normal for me to be surprised :d )

04-10-09, 10:19
It's normal, Joan. I've come across quite a few of those.

Muggins in Sussex
04-10-09, 10:22
Thanks Kite :)

So I presume they just used the old ones and didn't complete fresh ones for WW1 :confused:

04-10-09, 10:26
Sometimes you find more papers further on which relate to WW1, but the database also includes papers for soldiers whose service was only before WW1, so the title is rather misleading. I've found papers in there for men who died long before WW1.

Muggins in Sussex
04-10-09, 10:29
Thanks again Kite :) I understand now

I did also find his WW1 Pension record there which was good :)