View Full Version : child of 8 sailing alone ?

03-10-09, 15:54
I think I have found a girl who was born in Boston Massachusetts coming here in Sep 1894 on the Aurania landing at Liverpool aged 8 ? I know she was back here before 1901 her Mother died there in 1890
Name is Annie Rose
I dont think she is with anybody else ???
Would that have been allowed ?

Muggins in Sussex
03-10-09, 17:07
I don't know Val - but it must have been very frightening for the little girl, I would have thought

03-10-09, 18:06
I notice she had a cabin, so might she have also have had a maid travelling in 2nd class, or whatever? (if none of those other cabin passengers were travelling with her)

03-10-09, 18:29
Well if she was sailing with another adult in charge, that adult might have a different surname so wouldn't necessarily be listed with her?

03-10-09, 23:43
thanks I dont recognise the other names so maybe she was with a maid or something??
This is the Daughter of my scroundrel Guttentag who bankrupted his Father, dont know if you remember she was down as born in Mexico on the 1901 census but have found her Birth in Boston Suffolk Massachusetts , and what a tangled web it is .

Durham Lady
04-10-09, 07:19
If children were sent back to the Mother Country they were normally put under the supervision of an adult who was travelling home, sometimes the child would know the person or family and at other times a kindly looking lady who was boarding the same ship would be asked to supervise or the ships staff would be expected to.
One of my late aunt's worked for Cunard for many years said she was amazed at how young some children were when sent "home" alone.

04-10-09, 08:50
I have a couple of 8 year olds sent home at different times, one with another family and one with a maid. They were going to school in England. I suppose they have a couple of years schooling in the colonies and then needed 'proper' education...lol

04-10-09, 10:47
thanks for your help must peruse the other passengers to see if maybe I recognise anybody after all.

04-10-09, 13:18
just noticed there seems to be quite a few matrons travelling

07-10-09, 08:37
could have been traveling with a rellie brenda xxx