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Margaret in Burton
28-08-09, 15:39
I have found Henry and Rhoda Stone on all census except 1861.

They married in 1860 in Kensington - Rhoda was Stone before she married as well.

1871 census has them in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey

The eldest two children were born in Kensington

RG10; Piece: 861; Folio: 53; Page: 4

This is them in 1871

Henry Stone aged 34 a Saddler (later he is described as a maker of leather goods)
born Paddington

Rhoda Stone aged 33 born in Frimley, Surrey
Alice Kate aged 9 born Kensington
Henry Thomas aged 7 born Kensington
Grace aged 2 born in Battersea

Where the heck are they in 1861

28-08-09, 15:56
They could be in one of the missing pieces of the 1861:


Margaret in Burton
28-08-09, 15:59
Ah quite possibly

Thanks Kate

28-08-09, 16:02
I can't see them either - so you're not losing your touch.

Even did a search for everyone born 1837 +/-5 years in Frimley and there's no Rhoda or obvious mis-spelling.

Margaret in Burton
28-08-09, 17:00
Thanks Zoe

29-08-09, 09:06
1861 has a lot missing - and a lot of pages in the "right" area for some of my ex's family are completely illegible.

Frustrating as ex has a gt x 3 grandfather who is around in 1851 and in Parkhurst in 1871. I don't know where he is in 1861, and his wife with whom he had 3 children before 1855 produced a daughter 1866 which I suspect may not be his, so it would be good to see where she was in 1861 too!

Margaret in Burton
29-08-09, 10:05
Thanks Nell, think I'll have to let one go.