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02-10-09, 18:24
I've just seen in "Family Tree" magazine that there is an online index to wills after 1890 at http://www.centraaltestamentenregister.nl/

How do I search it, please?

02-10-09, 18:51
If you Google the heading: "Centraal Testamentenregister" you can select TranslateThis Page from the results list.

I think they are saying they will do a free search, but you have to write a letter or print off a pdf application form.

02-10-09, 18:54
Oh right, thanks, Merry. Not really an online index then!

24-11-09, 08:38
Merry's right, searches are conducted free of charge but can only be requested in writing. Quick translation of some info from the CTR site:

The Central Register of Wills (CTR) does not provide access to the content of the will, but does answer the question of whether a deceased person has left a will and which civil-law notary holds this will...

... You may only submit an application regarding a deceased person. Therefore you must always enclose (a copy of) an extract from the register of deaths with your application...

... Only written applications will be handled.
Send your request, including (a copy of) an extract from the register of deaths, to:

Centraal Testamentenregister (CTR)
Postbus 19398
The Netherlands

24-11-09, 10:00
Whew, I'd forgotten about this thread! Thanks for that, Cloggie. I had already managed to translate it to some extent using Google translate, though it wasn't as good as your translation, of course! I saw the site mentioned in a magazine and I thought since it said there was an online index, I would be able to search the index and might be able to find out whether a certain person was deceased (if he left a will, of course) but as I don't know whether he's alive or dead, I wouldn't be able to apply for a search. Thanks, though.

24-11-09, 18:36
No, unfortunately the CTR site won't be much use to you then. And Dutch death registers do not become public until 50 after the death (75 years for marriage registers and 100 years for birth registers).