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01-10-09, 12:23
I know I should be more patient, but could someone with access tell me whether the Judith Chapman who married Robert Sherer was a widow? And either way, which church they married in?

Also how old the Judith Sherer who was buried was when she died, and where was she buried?

Many thanks!

Joan of Archives
01-10-09, 12:52
Hi Phoenix

It doesn't give their status on the marriage details but on the banns it looks like he was a widower & she was a spinster. Hopefully someone else can confirm this as the writing is quite scrawly!

They were married in St James Clerkenwell on 1 Nov 1807

There is a burial for a Judith Sherer at St Sepulchre Holborn her address was the Workhouse West Street & she was buried on July 21st 1830, aged 62.

Hope that helps.


01-10-09, 12:55
The marriage was at St James Clerkenwell 1st Nov 1807. Their condition was not given, but it is on the banns, which say he was a widower and she was a spinster.

The witnesses were Joseph Penny and William Pullin (??)

Judith signed with her mark.

The burial was 21st July 1830 at St Sepulchre, Holborn, Judith Sherer, aged 62 address The Workhouse, West Street.

01-10-09, 13:11
Thank you both!

Alas, it doesn't look like my lady, who appears as a mother (married to George) on a single baptism, in St Leaonards Shoreditch, only then to vanish without trace. With a name like Chapman, she could have come from anywhere (and gone anywhere too!)