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Rosie Knees
01-10-09, 08:42
Does anyone know if there are historical directories on line for NY State in 1850s?


01-10-09, 09:04
I'm not sure if there would be a directory for the whole state or if you would need to know which county or city it was. Have you tried the US censuses on ancestry?

Rosie Knees
01-10-09, 09:07
It was the village of Clyde in Wayne County. Only have Ancestry UK unfortunately.

01-10-09, 09:12
This looks like a good site for Clyde history but I can't see an 1850's directory on it:

Rosie Knees
01-10-09, 09:16
Yes an interesting site. I am wondering if the glass factory was the reason he went over there (Fred Foster who's baptism you found for me ages ago). The are one or two good sites for Clyde/Galen.

Fred is going to be my project for a while, now that I have completed the family chart for step daughter's birthday. :)

Rosie Knees
01-10-09, 09:18
OOh! Just noticed the link for email to the township co-ordinator. Might drop her a line :D