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Olde Crone
30-09-09, 20:53
Is there any way of searching by birthplace on the 1911? I can't see it if there is!


30-09-09, 20:57
just birthplace and nothing else?

30-09-09, 20:57
Do you mean searching by birthplace only OC? Don't think that's possible.

30-09-09, 21:00
Only way I can see is searching A - Z wildcard with the POB, but that will take sometime!

30-09-09, 21:01
You can put in the birthplace you want and then the following in the surname (or forename) box:


with the 'wildcard' box ticked (click 'show advanced fields' to get to that bit)

This should give you all names unless something has been transcribed with no vowels or y :rolleyes:

30-09-09, 21:03
I was gonna say that

30-09-09, 21:04

Olde Crone
30-09-09, 21:04
Oh, lol!

No, I'm looking for a Mrs Brown, born France with a son called William Alfred Brown, born London about 1900.

And that is ALL I know, folks! I've searched 1901 and cannot find one with a French mother, but his birth date is a possibly moveable feast anyway, so I was trying to match up French women called Mrs Brown in 1901 with 1991 to see if they had a son Willia.

(Well, it makes sense to me....)

OOH, thanks Merry!


30-09-09, 21:14
I was sure it was going to be Juliette and Alfred Brown who are together in 1901 and 1911 but they don't have any children inthe house in 1911 :(

Boarding school???? lol

30-09-09, 21:17
This appears to be the Brown household in 1911

HOUSEHOLD BROWN ALFRED M 1858 53 Hampstead London
HOUSEHOLD BROWN JULIETTE F 1873 38 Hampstead London
HOUSEHOLD JINKS FANNY LIZA F 1892 19 Hampstead London

30-09-09, 21:51
mistranscibed in 1901
Alfred William Browne born 1900 Chelsea
Mother Pauline Mathilde 1864 Astende Belgium
RG13 78 page 28

30-09-09, 22:05
in 1911 Alfred William Brown born 1897 Chelsea

Olde Crone
30-09-09, 22:24
Oh oh oh, Vallee, you clever thing!

I too was convinced it was Alfred and Julia, but couldn't make it fit in 1911!

(I'm typing here in the dark, lightbulb has gone and I need daylight to insert a bulb. Kept mistyping into 1911 and was getting VERY cross!! )

But I really like the one Vallee has found and I think that's worth me investigating further.


30-09-09, 22:34
how on earth can you type in the dark ??? good luck

Olde Crone
30-09-09, 22:43

With great difficulty, I'm not as good a touch typist as I thought, lol.

Hmmm, I'm not so sure about that one really, after all. WAB was supposedly the eldest of eight children, not that that means a lot.

I did spoy another couple in 1901, no William or Alfred, but (clutching at straws now) the wife's niece was there, called Margaritta, and one of WABs children had the middle name Margaritta.

I'm giving up for tonight, thanks folks.


Olde Crone
01-10-09, 20:37
OH!OH! Vallee, I think you've cracked it for me!

I now have a lightbulb, lol (in more ways than one) and I had a look for Pauline in 1891 and it has all come together (well, I think so!)

In 1891, she is married to ALFRED WILLIAMS, who was born in PLYMOUTH. (WABs mother lived in Plymouth during the war). The clincher though, (for me) is the address in 1891, which is Margaretta Terrace. WABs daughter has the middle name of Margaretta! This is all just too much of a coincidence to be a, erm, coincidence.

Meanwhile, friend's mother, who knew absolutely nothing about her father last week, has remembered that his mother was French, of a huguenot line,(Belgian will do nicely for me, lol) and that her father (WAB, or was he really AWB) served in the Navy, possibly lying about his age to join up. His medals have vanished but he definitely had some.

Now all shoot me down and tell me I'm making too much out of nothing, please, before I spend this poor woman's money for her!


01-10-09, 20:48
I'm a bit confused about the generations, but did the boy who was born about 1900 get married (to your friend's grandmother?), because surely the marriage cert would give his father's details, which might help clinch things?

Olde Crone
01-10-09, 21:20

that is the million dollar question! We cannot find a marriage for WAB to Lottie McCloud. It supposedly took place in 1932/33 at either Caxton Hall OR Marylebone Register Office.

Friend's mum was a child of this "marriage" and would dearly like to know whether her parents were married or not as there is a lot of doubt about the fact, leading to the supposition that he was already married and couldn't get a divorce. She would like to know whether she has half brothers and sisters out there somewhere. (She doesn't intend approaching them)


01-10-09, 21:30
Oh cripes, I had forgotten about Lottie McCloud! lol

So, we think maybe Mr Brown married someone else first and so couldn't marry Miss McCloud? Pity about his name, isn't it?

*counts Brown marriages*

Olde Crone
01-10-09, 22:17
Oooh, I've found Pauline's marriage to Frederick William Browne!!!

Matilda/Mathilde/Mathilda Pauline SCHARRE.

Absolutely brilliant, well done me.

Pity there isn't a single other mention of that surname anywhere on the internet, pmsl.


01-10-09, 22:29
have you seen this baptism

Amelia Ann Walton Browne
Baptism 1 Sep 1895
Frederick William Browne,
Mathilda Browne Saint Saviour, Chelsea Kensington and Chelsea

01-10-09, 22:33
and is this one yours
Ada Browne Baptism 5 Feb 1888
Frederick Browne,
Matilda Browne Saint Matthias, Caledonian Road Islington

Olde Crone
01-10-09, 22:37
Brilliant Vallee, thankyou!

(Walton???What's that about??Walloon would have been PERFECT!)

Oooh, you can't see one for Alfred William can you, supposedly born 12th March, same parents?)


01-10-09, 22:39
I'll have a nosey

01-10-09, 22:43
what year ??? cant seem to find him

01-10-09, 22:54
Alfred William Browne
Volume: 1a
page 405

suppose you have this

Olde Crone
01-10-09, 23:08
Thanks Vallee, yes,I have that, it was a baptism I was hoping for.

Were the other two on LMA records please?


01-10-09, 23:10
cant find him sorry , yes on Ancestry isnt it wonderful ??? I have found so many of my lot in the last couple of weeks

02-10-09, 07:18
I'm confused......Pauline is married to Mr Williams in 1891 but when she remarries it's with her original surname? So probably she wasn't married to Alfred Williams?

Olde Crone
02-10-09, 09:27

No, doesn't look as if she was really married to Mr Williams at all. I can't identify her before 1891 although there are a couple of possibles with different surnames.

I moaned to my friend last night and asked her why her family had to have such common names like Brown, Smith, Williams and so on and told her how much easier all this would be if they had had a really unusual surname like Cholmondley-Farkington.

That was before I found the surname SCHARRE!!! I am wondering just how accurate that is, because there doesn't seem to be another person in the world with the same surname at that time. One site suggests it is old German in origin, which would sort of fit with Pauline's ancestry being Belgian/Huguenot/Walloon!


02-10-09, 10:18
That name, Scharre; there are quite a few matches for the spelling Scharrer and a few for Scharra (FreeBMD)

Olde Crone
02-10-09, 10:38
Thanks Merry, yes, did wonder if it should be Scharrer, as the transcriber appears to have had difficulty with her first name as well.

That's my task for today, chasing Scharrers!