View Full Version : New on Ancestry send image

30-09-09, 12:33
There is a new facility on Ancestry when you go to an image you can now send it to Facebook Twitter or Email to a friend
I love Ancestry lately

30-09-09, 13:20
I think it's been on there for a few days, Val, because a relly of mine tried it out last week.

30-09-09, 13:35
Trying it out now and have emailed NZ so won't know for a while

Thanks Val and KR

30-09-09, 13:39
I must have missed it ?? then dont know how as I practically live on there these days I think I'm worried the records may run out LOL

30-09-09, 15:46
I've used the facility for emailing images for months now, very handy!

30-09-09, 15:57
The e-mail a friend option has actually been on Ancestry for a few years now.:):)

I remember sending an image to my sister and it must have been two years ago at least!!!

30-09-09, 17:54
Doesn't it just send a link where someone can view it if they have a sub?? :confused: