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29-09-09, 23:37
Just double checking my research and a bit thrown by a marriage;

Charles Henry Sharpe and Catherine Julia Linkson have a daughter Julia born 1863.

Her baptism in 1873 she is Julia

On 1871 census she is Julia A, born Hackney

On 1881 she is Julia, born Hackney

I thought she was Julia Alexandra Sharpe birth in Bethnal Green 1864 but the marriage for Julia Alexandra in May 1891 gives her father as "Alfred Sharpe, deceased"

Her address matches perfectly for Julia Sharpe lodging in Islington.
The marriage witnesses mean nothing to me.

The conflicting fathers are throwing me a bit. Julia does have a brother called Alfred.

Charles Henry was a cordwainer according to his marriage. He never appears with his family on the census. In 1871 Catherine Julia says shes married and by 1881 widowed. Her last child is Alice c1876 but with Charles' absence I've no guarantee she's his.

It's not a complete nightmare not knowing as her mother Catherine is the half sister of my 3 x gt grandfather - but it would be nice to clear it up if anyone has any better ideas than me.



30-09-09, 08:13
Where was the christening?

30-09-09, 08:19
There are two births for Julia Sharpe in 1863
1. Mar 1863 Ampthill vol 3b, p405
2. Sep 1863 Boston vol 7a, p359
I would favour the Sep one as the marriage for Caroline and Charles was Mar q1863.
Would there be any family connections in either of these places? Looks like Caroline was pregnant when she married so the birth might have been elsewhere than where they lived or vice versa and the marriage elsewhere.

30-09-09, 09:07
I see that as well as having a brother called Alfred, she has one called Charles H. Could it be that she knew her brother was named after their dad, but chose the wrong brother's name?

30-09-09, 09:08
Have you looked at the Sharpe children's baptisms on ancestry, Zoe? Julia was baptised in 1873 at St Saviour, Hoxton, along with Arthur and Alfred, and it doesn't give a middle name for her. It gives Charles Henry as the father for all of them, although of course that might not be true. Address 16 Felton Terrace. Unfortunately it doesn't give their dates of birth.

30-09-09, 09:08
There are two births for Julia Sharpe in 1863
1. Mar 1863 Ampthill vol 3b, p405
2. Sep 1863 Boston vol 7a, p359

Both those two Julia's show on the 1871 census as different people from the one born in Hackney :(

30-09-09, 09:20
Kate, it was those baptisms that started me off looking to confirm the other info I had. I think I'm going to need to get the birth cert to be sure. There's just not another suitable Julia.

Just occurred to me that the joint baptism could be something to do withthe fathers death. But then that leaves Alice as a very veryvery long pregnancy!!

30-09-09, 09:22
And as for Arthur........ the baptism is his first and last appearance with the family

30-09-09, 09:44
Best mate's aunt, when recording the birth of an illegitimate daughter, gave her brother's details as the father!:eek:
We don't think this was a case of incest, just a groping for spurious respectability to present to a stranger.

Merry's notion that she knew a brother was named after the father seems perfectly feasible. The one thing you don't do in front of inlaws is suggest you don't know your father's name. Anything is better than nothing!

30-09-09, 09:48

And could this be Arthur?

Deaths Jun 1873
SHARPE Arthur 1 Shoreditch 1c 91

I have noticed with these LMA records, many of mine do the multiple baptism thing, often with some children in their early teens, right down to little babies, and usually one or more of the children (often the youngest one) dies either the same Q or very soon after, as if the baptism was prompted by either illness, or 'failure to thrive' in a young baby.

30-09-09, 10:00
oooh. Good spot Merry, Thank you

My cases of multiple baptism are normally close to a death too. I have a whole bunch in Norfolk who were re-baptised on the same day as their mother's funeral despite the oldest being over 20 and married at that point.

Contemplating whether I *need* to know whether Julia was Julia Alexandra or I just want to know. Could do with saving some random £7s here and there