View Full Version : Ancestry strangeness?

29-09-09, 22:01
I'm finding that all the search results that come up on the "UK Soldiers Died in the Great War" database have their initials stuck in between their first name and surname tonight, for instance Sidney WylieSWBristow, EdwardEBradbury, and so on. Is it the same for everyone or some weird glitch on my computer?

Mary from Italy
29-09-09, 22:22
I'm getting the same (using Firefox).

29-09-09, 22:27
Thanks, Mary.

30-09-09, 08:49
Luckily you don't have to remember to put a * after the first name, so the search is working normally! (unlike the LMA stuff where I have to enter my criteria twice over for each search, as the first time always gives no results!)