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28-08-09, 14:24
... but don't use any credits on my behalf! Free searches only please!

Catherine Maud or Maud Catherine BRISTOW, born Islington in 1884, married Frederick Charles WILLIAMS 2nd January 1910 in Shoreditch, London. Catherine's occupation Shop Assistant, Frederick's Porter. Frederick's age was 23. The address given for both of them was 7 Whitmore Road.

On the 1911 census the Crates family are living at that address, Annie Crates being Catherine's mother, but the Williamses aren't there. Can anyone find them? I don't know where Frederick was born but his father was John Thomas Williams, Silversmith, deceased by the time of the marriage, so maybe we can find Frederick on an earlier census with his father to get the birthplace?

I don't know whether Frederick and Catherine had any children by the time of the 1911 census, something I was hoping to find out from the census!

Forgot to say - I don't think they emigrated, because Catherine was a witness at a marriage in Hackney in 1918.

28-08-09, 14:59
I thought I'd found Frederick, but having looked at the transcript, it isn't him! Frederick Charles Williams age 26, occupation Railway Porter, born Islington and living Islington, but his father is Frederick, a Builder's Labourer, and his (Frederick Charles's) wife is Phoebe, married for 1 year. And there is a possible Frederick Charles Williams / Phoebe marriage listed for 1910 Islington on FreeBMD, so that rules him out.

28-08-09, 15:20
I can only see one John Williams coming up with a search for Silv* on the 1881 census. I can't make out the birthplace though. Somewhere in London but the transcriber has put Tuby or Juby as the place.

He's born c1858

RG11; Piece: 853; Folio: 62; Page: 15

Also a John S Williams and JOhn C Williams.

Going to see if I can find the first one in 1891 now

28-08-09, 15:25
Yes, I saw him on the 1881 and the birthplace does look like Tuby on the image so I'm not sure what it is supposed to be.

28-08-09, 15:54
I may have to give up on this.

I've looked on 1891 at all the John Williams born 1858 +/-2 years using keywords London and MIddlesex - and none of them have a son called Frederick.

Done the same for 1901 too.

Going for a nap then I may attack the 1911

28-08-09, 16:09
Thanks for trying, Zoe.

29-08-09, 09:20
Have you looked for Wiliams?

29-08-09, 09:41
Yes, I saw him on the 1881 and the birthplace does look like Tuby on the image so I'm not sure what it is supposed to be.

I read that as Islington!

29-08-09, 11:29
Looks like Juby to me, though it might be Islington. Terrible handwriting!

29-08-09, 11:57
Have you looked for Wiliams?

Ooh, no I haven't yet, thanks for the suggestion.