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Olde Crone
29-09-09, 20:05
I am an Australian research virgin, lol.

I have two death dates I would like to check, one in "Australia" (1866) and the other in South Australia. (1899).

Is this information online anywhere please and what information might I expect to see on death certs with thos dates.

thanks for any help.


Joan of Archives
29-09-09, 20:27
Someone gave me this link the other day OC, I am not sure if it would be of any use to you?


If not I am sure one of our Aussie friends will be getting up in a moment it's early morning there now :d

Mary from Italy
29-09-09, 21:14
This is the guide I wrote a while ago, which might be a good starting point:


There's no nationwide BMD index, you need to know the State. The one with the best online records is NSW; Victoria, WA and Queensland are also fairly well covered for the date you want.

Unfortunately South Australia has hardly anything online. You could try cemeteries if you know which area the death took place:


Australian death certs are extremely informative; they should contain the deceased's birthplace and parents' names, names of all spouses and living children, length of time in Australia, and place of burial, as well as the usual info.

Olde Crone
29-09-09, 21:31
Thankyou Mary - one of those tantalising "If only I knew where" lol!

I think I will have to wait for more info from my contact.


Mary from Italy
29-09-09, 21:36
If they want a cert for the SA death, it should be possible to get it from the State BMD registry as they know the year, but it won't be online.

29-09-09, 22:04

Let me know the details...................

****hopes it's a Holden****

Also there is someone who has all the SA records and is happy to look up.