View Full Version : This is a tough one, can anyone find me Lieutenant L Bradbury?

Lynn the Forest Fan
29-09-09, 20:04
I am researching the South Anston 1st World War,War memorial and I am really struggling with L Bradbury.

I have searched CWGC & SDGW & altough there are a couple of L Bradburys, there are no Lieutenants. :( I have had a look for a Bradbury family in South Anston in 1901 but there isn't one. Can anyone else work out who he was please? I just need to find someone with a South Anston connection, as he may not actually have been living there at the time. South Anston is in South Yorkshire, near Sheffield & Rotherham & not far from Worksop in Notts.

I'd be grateful for any help please. :)

29-09-09, 20:08
Hmmmm....I just looked at the officers records on TNA site, but there are no papers for an L Bradbury, only other initials.

29-09-09, 20:12
According to this sight he was a Corporal.



29-09-09, 20:12
Oh, that's wierd - there's a transcription of the names from the memorial on Genuki, and on that he is a Corporal!


29-09-09, 20:13
Snap Wendy! lol

Lynn the Forest Fan
29-09-09, 20:21
Doh! thats what comes from not checking my notes before I typed the query. However, I still can't find him :(

29-09-09, 21:58
I wonder if it's possible that it started out as E Bradbury and at some time when it has been cleaned up they didn't realise it was an E and it ended up as an L? There is a Corporal Edward Bradbury of the Sherwood Foresters listed on the CWGC site, service no 6464, died 9th Aug 1915. It doesn't say where he was from on there.

29-09-09, 22:02
Hmmm, Soldiers Died in the Great War says Edward Bradbury was born in Nottingham and lived in Chesterfield, so maybe not him.

Lynn the Forest Fan
30-09-09, 06:07
It is a possibility, although it does look like an L, even when examined closely. There is a Sgt G Bradbury listed as having also served, but I haven't been able to work out who he was either. :(

30-09-09, 08:14
I found Corporal Edward Bradbury's service papers on ancestry and looked through them, but I couldn't see a connection to South Anston so forget that idea!

30-09-09, 08:16
It is a possibility, although it does look like an L, even when examined closely. There is a Sgt G Bradbury listed as having also served, but I haven't been able to work out who he was either. :(

That one is C Bradbury on the transcription. I can't be sure from looking at the picture whether it is a G or a C.

30-09-09, 08:21
One thing you could try is go to the record office and see if they have the WW1 Absent Voters List for South Anston, and if they were living there during WW1 it should give you their regiment etc. Although Corporal Bradbury may well have died before the Absent Voters List was drawn up, but Sergeant Bradbury could be listed and maybe he will turn out to be related to the Corporal.

Lynn the Forest Fan
30-09-09, 08:50
Yes, I saw that the transcription had him down as C Bradbury but having looked closely at the memorial, I am sure it is a G.
The idea about the record office is a good one, lets just hope the list is available. :)

Lynn the Forest Fan
03-10-09, 07:40
Well I've heard back from Rotherham archives & yes they do have the 1918 voters list, but unfortuantely, south Anston isn't included in it :( How do I find out which borough it would be included in?

03-10-09, 09:59
It could be at Sheffield archives, but their website is down for maintenance this weekend, wouldn't you just know it!

Lynn the Forest Fan
03-10-09, 11:58
Thanks Kate, I am currently waiting for a reply from Sheffield archives on a news report for the war memorial, so if that is covered, then maybe the voters list will be too

Uncle John
03-10-09, 16:44
If he was in the Sherwood Foresters, you could take a trip to Crich, have a ride on a tram and then hike to the top of Crich Stand to see what the Sherwood Foresters memorial says.

Lynn the Forest Fan
03-10-09, 19:02
Sadly it doesn't look like he was Edward Bradbury, but I would't mind a trip to Crich!

Lynn the Forest Fan
22-10-09, 08:47
I might possibly have found him. I found a Corporal Leslie Gilbray, on the SDGW on ancestry, who was born & living in Anston. There is no mention of him on the memorial. I do know that the memorial was damaged by vandalism & wonder if when it was repaired, his name was entered as Bradbury instead of Gilbray? The problem is I can't find a Leslie Gilbray listed on CWGC, although I have found him in 1901.

Does this sound a likely explanation?

22-10-09, 10:58
Sounds possible. Here's his CWGC entry....

Initials: L
Nationality: United Kingdom
Rank: Corporal
Regiment/Service: Rifle Brigade
Unit Text: 2nd Bn.
Age: 22
Date of Death: 27/05/1918
Service No: 48185
Additional information: Son of Mrs. Harriet Waring, of 60, Ryton Rd., Anston, Sheffield.
Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead

22-10-09, 11:00
Mum's remarriage?

Marriages Jun 1914
FLETCHER William Ross Worksop 7b 125
GILLVRAY Harriet Waring Worksop 7b 125
Ross Sarah A S Fletcher Worksop 7b 125
Waring Henry Gillvray Worksop 7b 125

22-10-09, 11:53
I wonder whether any old photos of the memorial exist, from before it was repaired?

22-10-09, 12:24
I was going to say 'I think actually Harriet was his step-mum'.

and that this is his mum:

Deaths Jun 1897
Gillvray Hannah Maria 39 Sheffield 9c 383

and these are his parents:

Marriages Jun 1875
BICKERDIKE David Doncaster 9c 796
BICKERDINE David Doncaster 9c 796
GILLVRAY Jonathan Sissons Doncaster 9c 796 <<<<<<<<<
GILLVRAY Jonathon Sissons Doncaster 9c 796
HOLMES Susannah Doncaster 9c 796
Marsh Hannah Maria Doncaster 9c 796 <<<<<<<<<<<

BUT as there's no birth reg I can see for Leslie in the name Gillvray and there's no marriage for Jonathan to Harriet (the Jonathan who married in Q2 1901 is not the same man as I found him in 1911 and he was only 31 then), I'm wondering is Harriet is actually Leslie's mother and his birth reg is in her previous name? That would make more sense with the wording of the CWGC entry.

In 1911 Jonathan is living with his dau Dallas (not a very Victorian name, is it?!) and Harriet is living in a different household with Leslie but he isn't down as 'son', but then he's not down as 'stepson' either, so that's a confusion.

You probably don't want to know all this anyway, but once I've started and there's something odd, I can't stop! lol

Well, I have to go out shortly so may stop now!! lol

22-10-09, 12:27
In 1911 Harriet is living in a different household with Leslie but he isn't down as 'son', but then he's not down as 'stepson' either, so that's a confusion.

Doh, Harriet isn't head of house, so that explains why Leslie isn't son or stepson etc!

Lynn the Forest Fan
22-10-09, 13:37
Thanks Merry, no wonder I couldn't find him!

Lynn the Forest Fan
22-10-09, 19:28
I've just realised that more had been added, I had only read Merry's first post when I replied. :o
It is a bit confusing with him in the census, as I thought he was with Jonathan & Hannah. The name Waring features on the list of those who survived, & they could be relatives.
I know that the damage to the memorial happened in 1995 & have seen the brief news report that said there was a lot of damage, which I had been surprised about as the memorial is clearly legible.
I am certainly going to have to do some more digging & maybe see if some locals can remember.

Lynn the Forest Fan
28-10-09, 19:38
Well having spoken to someone at the church today, it would appear that the damage to the memorial was actually the theft of lights from the Lychgate where the memorial is housed, which obviously not affect the names on the tablet. I am now no further forward with my search for Corporal Bradbury, although I do think I have now identified all the other men listed.