View Full Version : Is there a way of searching by occupation in 1901 ???

29-09-09, 19:38
Still looking for George Arthur Tyler born abt 1834 in Bishopsgate
Have him in 1891 in Bethnal Green with Mary as wife
Given up looking for her in 1901 for now
But would like to know where he was is there a way of looking for him in 1901 by his occupation Ironmonger ?????????????

meant to say found him in 1911 in a workhouse in Edmonton which came under Shoreditch Parish

29-09-09, 20:04
You can do a search with occ on the 1901 official site, but I can't see any George Tylers who are anywhere near old enough who have Iron* as an occupation.


29-09-09, 20:05
I don't think so as occupation isn't indexed on Ancestry. Don't know about FMP.

29-09-09, 20:06
I presume you haven't found him as George Tyler? I tried looking for males born Bishopsgate but that brought up nothing likely.

He may have just said born London of course, or another placename. It's maddening, isn't it!

29-09-09, 20:13
thats where I am looking Merry thanks and I have tried leaving off his birth place Nell I have just noticed on 1891 he is unemployed so wondered if they were in workhouses in 1901 ??? but off course you cannot search by initials only ????
Ooh I hate this lot
Thanks both of you

Mary from Italy
29-09-09, 21:20
You can search by initials if you want to, but people in workhouses weren't shown by initials, only people in prisons and asylums as far as I know.

29-09-09, 22:33
Of course if he was in a workhouse, the workhouse manager would provide his details so the birthplace, age, occupation etc might be wrong. But I can't find any likely George Tyler so he may have had a very badly mangled name - or be hiding!

I do have several men in my and my husband's trees who just don't appear on censuses.

29-09-09, 23:22
thanks for that Mary I thought that happened sometimes ???
thanks again Nell I suppose I should be glad I found his death ?? I just want to be more sure of when his so called wife died but might take a chance and send for one with a checking reference

30-09-09, 09:46
Was he literate? Have you looked for Taylors, in case someone misheard him?

30-09-09, 11:17
hi Phoenix I have looked under all sorts plus leaving off his last name or first names they disappear in 1871 too ???
Thanks for your suggestion

30-09-09, 16:21
The enumerator's schedules in London in 1871 are full of "lodger took form with him when he left"

No help to you, but an explanation for some of the missing entries.

30-09-09, 20:42
really Phoenix LOL must remember that
I have just found more children for this family and cannot find any of them on any of the census records at all ??
I give up