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29-09-09, 12:07
Was a BAD MAN and came from a family of rogues. This HGP is the one born 1814 (all the others are his father, son, grandson etc)

His long suffering wife died just after the census in 1851 and he's up in Bradford by 1861.

Looking at the LMA records, banns are called for a second marriage to Harriet Henriette Glesson in 1852.

Not only can I find no trace of this marriage (was that why he fled to Bradford?!) but I can't find Harriet either. Can anyone spot her in 1851?

29-09-09, 12:34
Maybe she was the mum of this baby and has stolen her daughter's extra forename?

Harriet Henrietta Glessing, Baptism 3 Dec 1837, parents John Glessing and Harriet Glessing Bap Christ Church Spitalfields.

29-09-09, 12:36
Maybe she married George Rawson instead? Oh, I suppose this is the daughter, though?

Marriages Sep 1859

Glessing Harriet Henrietta London City 1c 243
Glessing Harriet Henriette London C. 1c 243
Rawson George London City 1c 243

29-09-09, 12:43
Harriet H G's mum,Harriet, was a widow in 1851:

HO107; Piece: 1543; Folio: 101; Page: 3

with a lot of little children, so she might have thought about remarrying.

29-09-09, 12:59
Ooh, well done, Merry!

iT LOOKS LIKE SHE HAD A NARROW ESCAPE! She's in Plymouth in 1881 with a married daughter.

27-02-10, 16:00

I am related to this family. There was Harriet Henrietta sen whose husband John died in 1849 and jun who was born in 1837 and did go on to marry George Rawson.


01-03-10, 12:52
Hi Smithy

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You are just so lucky that Harriet did think the better of her decision to marry HGP.