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28-09-09, 19:01
I am still trying to find Mary Tyler in born 1834 on the 1901 census as I am trying to narrow down her death
If a person was in a lunatic asylum and described as a domestic Servant I am supposing thats what they did outside??
if they died in the Asylum this is Banstead in Surrey where would they be buried ???

Joan of Archives
28-09-09, 19:23
Just because you were in an asylum didn't mean they didn't put you to work. I have the record of my great grandmother in the asylum & she point blank refused to work according to the records lol!

They were given work in the laundry, cooking etc.

Generally they were either buried in the grounds or the local cemetery which may hold records. Mine was buried in a mass pauper's grave in the local cemetery :(

28-09-09, 19:31
If the family claimed them they were buried where family members were normally buried; but if they were unclaimed, they would be buried in the grounds of the asylum or in the grounds of the asylum chapel.

If a family were poor they may have let the asylum take responsiblity for burial.

Cheers, FHA

28-09-09, 19:46
thanks very much for your replies gives me something to think about ??

29-09-09, 10:33
Thought you might like to see these photos.

I had a relative who was admitted to Norfolk County Lunatic Asylum on 2nd January 1894 (Thorpe St Andrew, Norwich). He died there twelve days later on 14 January 1894.

Originally the burial site had metal plaques giving its grave number; but in the 1970s the governing body of the hospital made the shocking decision (much against the advice of the Chaplain and various members of staff) to sell these plaques as scrap metal. The result is that now it is not possible to know exactly where in the burial ground a particular individual is buried.



Cheers, FHA

29-09-09, 11:30
that is a sad story FHA and thanks for posting those photos

29-09-09, 11:55
You're welcome Vallee.

I also had a family member who resided in Colney Hatch Asylum - he was an epileptic (my uncle). When he died in 1939 my grandparents reclaimed his body and he is buried with his parents and sister in a private family grave in a municipal cemetery (with headstone) - so that story has a slightly happier ending. :)

Hope you track down where your relative was buried.

Cheers, FHA

Langley Vale Sue
29-09-09, 12:31

I am only about 3 or 4 miles from Banstead if I can help you with anything.

When was Mary Tyler in Banstead?

29-09-09, 13:07
Where was your Mary Tyler born? Quite a lot of Mary Tylers come up on the 1901 census. Did she never marry?

Cheers, FHA

29-09-09, 13:15
This isn't her death is it? Banstead comes under the Epsom Registration District and there was a mental institution in Epsom in the 1950s/1960s as far as I recall and it may still be there.

Age is a bit out but if you died in an institution they might not note the age at death correctly.

But if she was a Mary Tyler and not a Mary Ann Tyler then it is more unlikely.

Deaths Sep 1899

Tyler Mary Ann 69 Epsom 2a 9

Cheers, FHA

29-09-09, 17:46
thats really interesting FHA ?? she was Mary Ann , thanks Sue I have been looking for this lady on the 1901 census and this one looks likely if only I could find George Arthur Tyler who she lived with in 1901 to rule her out