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28-09-09, 14:23
I am looking for a John Thomas Keen born 1843 Bethnal Green Middlesex and his wife Sarah Emily born 1851 Regents Park St Pancras Middlesex with possibly a daughter Frances Mary Ann Keen born 1870 Pancras
it should be after 1870 and maybe 5/8/1875 on the Great Queensland ,Mayborough Queensland as thats when her sister went
thanks very much

Sunny Kate
30-09-09, 04:33
Val, I've just had a quick look on the Queensland index but didn't find any matches for your names and dates. I have to go out now but could look again tomorrow.

This is a link to the Queensland site. Perhaps their names have been mistranscribed.


30-09-09, 05:24

I'm glad you answered this as I was positive I had...........lol

*****going mad quickly******

I did check a few different spellings.

30-09-09, 11:16
thanks very much Kate and Libby will have a look

30-09-09, 11:41
I can't see any of them anywhere.

Do you mean Sarah's sister came here??? What was her name??

30-09-09, 12:36
yes she went there on the 5th August 1875 arrived the 19 Nov 1895 her name was Frances Rosa Sigston I believe she was married to a Willmot
Thanks very much

Mary from Italy
30-09-09, 14:27
This is the passenger list of the Great Queensland, showing Frances and family, but there are no Keens on board:


Mary from Italy
30-09-09, 14:32
Can't see them on the electoral roll. Are you absolutely sure the Keens went to Aus? Did Frances and family stay in Queensland?

30-09-09, 14:50
hi Mary no Im not sure ,nobody can trace them in spite of there being loads on people researching the family, so wondered if they went with her sister ??? as its about that time they disappear thanks very much for looking.
The only clue I did have but have more or less ruled them out is a family in the USA in Maine