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  1. Could someone clean this up for me, please?
  2. THis is a bit faded.
  3. Clean up please?
  4. Can this be cleaned up please
  5. Could someone clean this up please
  6. Old torn photo
  7. Could this be cleaned up please?
  8. Can any magic be worked on this one please?
  9. Help needed!
  10. Restore and Colour Please
  11. Can someone restore this please?
  12. Some pics to restore or tidy please
  13. If by any chance....
  14. This one is probably beyond help
  15. The flash has really lightened this too much
  16. If anyone can do anything to improve this, please
  17. Can anyone help date this one please?
  18. Can anyone tell me how
  19. A tidy up please
  20. Photo Posting Guidelines
  21. Is anyone able to do anything to improve this, please?
  22. Help!
  23. can this be made better please...
  24. can this be made better please...
  25. can anyone please make these photos clearer
  26. can this picture be resized please
  27. Anyone good with faces ?
  28. One for cleaning
  29. please a miricle on this booth picture
  30. Help needed please on some special pictures.
  31. Help to clean up please
  32. A clean-up please?
  33. Clean up and scratch removal please
  34. Can someone clear up the tears?
  35. Can anyone suggest a date for this, please?
  36. Please can you improve these pictures that
  37. Any ideas on this photo please?
  38. Highland Dress
  39. A little help needed please
  40. Dating of photograph
  41. Clean up and restore please
  42. Victorian photography technique
  43. Lighten up if possible please!
  44. Help
  45. Can anyone improve these?
  46. Can anyone tidy this up please?
  47. Could anyone restore this please
  48. could this be made clearer please
  49. Help please
  50. can this be made clearer please
  51. Please can this photo be restored
  52. Help
  53. is it possible ?
  54. Restore and possible date, please
  55. Restore and make into
  56. Catherine Bryant - Probably Ballarat Vic.
  57. Oval shape
  58. can someone please put a frame round this pic
  59. Need frame cleaned & patches of pic
  60. Would be very grateful if
  61. Photo
  62. Can anyone read this?
  63. When and Where, presume Liverpool?
  64. Could someone help with possible identification please
  65. Comparison of photos to aid identification please
  66. Clean and sharpen document
  67. Photo damaged, need help please
  68. Clean up on 2 pics please
  69. Very very cracked photo :(
  70. Not sure about this one?
  71. Can this be made clearer?
  72. Could someone please improve this?
  73. Edward Jones
  74. My grandfather & his brother
  75. Storing Old Photos
  76. Can someone improve this, please
  77. Could someone please improve this?
  78. Views sought on old photos
  79. Improve and help dating, please?
  80. Could someone help me date this photo please
  81. Any chance of a tidy up please?
  82. Can this photo be restored
  83. Free Photo Restoration Tutorial
  84. Could someone improve this, please?
  85. Torn Photo with a story to tell
  86. If anyone has time.
  87. old coloured photo postcard
  88. 1951 family photo - faded edges
  89. Framed Photo help
  90. Help dating a photo please