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Old 09-08-19, 21:40
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Default Lost Cousins newsletter - August 2019
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Old 10-08-19, 09:37
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There's a mention in this newsletter about GRO and local register office certificate copies. It's pointed out that GRO versions won't have original signatures, which is true.

I'm not sure I agree with this though:

"Note: there were occasional transcription errors, so in theory local certificates are a more reliable source - on the other hand it is often easier to read the names of marriage witnesses from GRO certificates."

If the witness signatures are difficult to read on the original entry then, whilst the GRO transcription may be easier to read, how will you know if it's correct? If the GRO is the only place you can access the certificate you will have no way to learn whether the signatures were difficult to read or not!

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Old 10-08-19, 14:55
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I have three copies of the same marriage cert, one from church records, one from local RO, one from GRO. The address is South St on the church and local cert but has turned into Smith St on the GRO copy. The first names of their fathers have been transposed and so have the ages of the bride and groom. Just an annoying blip for me because I already knew what was correct but had I been starting from a place of ignorance I would have been way out of my depth.

So it is always original certs/sources for me because at least any mistakes will only be the first mistake!

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