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Old 14-03-19, 09:52
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Default Ancestry’s ThruLines Dissected: How to Use and Not Get Bit by the ‘Gators'

This may be helpful for some:-

"Ancestry’s new tool, ThruLines has some good features and a lot of potential, but right now, there are a crop of ‘gators in the swimmin’ hole – just waiting for the unwary. Here’s help to safely navigate the waters and not get bit!"

Probably teaching us to suck eggs I would imagine but thought it was worth posting.
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Old 14-03-19, 18:39
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Lots of useful stuff in there, thanks for posting!
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Old 14-03-19, 19:08
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Thanks, Maggie. I'm approaching halfway through that article and I haven't even tested my DNA with Ancestry yet! Very useful, though. I'm hoping that when I do get around to it I might have a clue where to start.

I was watching a video yesterday that covers some of the same ground. He comes to ThruLines just before minute 22.

New Tools at Ancestry DNA

I'll leave it to someone with hands-on experience to say how useful the video is, and I apologize in advance to any who want to strangle him the next time he utters the word "okay?"

Aha. I no sooner went back to reading your article than I found the name of Blaine Bettinger in the next paragraph or two. He is the author and narrator of the video I posted.

Janet (Niagara)


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Old 14-03-19, 21:26
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Thanks for this Maggie, it is very interesting and there is also another attahed article I want to read too.

I've just noticed that today, my ThruLines now specify parents, grandparents etc. It didn't do it yesterday. I still don't understand why I am missing ancestors but at least now it is easier to work out who is and isn't there.
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