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Old 09-06-22, 18:58
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Regarding my godparents who were the parents of my sister's friend: it was only a few years ago when reminiscing with my sister that she told me that the father was a vicar. I had no idea! To me they were always known as Uncle Percy and Auntie Bess and it had never occurred to me in about 74 years to wonder what he might have done for a living! I would have noticed if he had been the vicar who baptised me and signed my fancy certificate though.
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Old 12-06-22, 16:43
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I wasn't baptised, my father was an atheist and my mother didn't attend a church for years. My Catholic BFF was convinced we would be parted in the afterlife and now feels very bitter that she was made to feel so.
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Old 21-06-22, 03:00
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My godparents were 2 aunts and an uncle. My sister also had 2 aunts and an uncle. I think we only over lapped on one person but I can't remember. Either way they were in my life all through childhood.
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Old 23-06-22, 08:41
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I was not christened, so have no godparents.

My mother's godparents were her maternal aunt and a family friend, both of whom were in her life throughout theirs.

My older daughter was christened and I chose her godparents very carefully. They are, her paternal aunt, my best friend from uni, who moved and lived near us and was a regular churchgoer, and one of her father's long standing friends, who was an officer in the army at the time. Only the paternal aunt is still in any sort of contact at all. The other two drifted away very quickly. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. The only contact now is that I follow her godfather on Twitter.

After my mother died in 2016, I discovered that she had a godson, the son of a friend. I knew that I had met him once in about 1967, but when I spoke to him he did not remember that meeting and as far as he was concerned he had not seen her, or had any contact with her, since before 1958!

Mr Nomad is godfather to the son of a friend and has always stayed in touch. Godson was 21 recently and we were at his party, but it seems this may no longer be the norm.
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Old 23-06-22, 09:04
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I am godmother to my nephew, the elder son of my late brother. It has always been a very special relationship to me, especially as my nephew was only 12 when my brother died.

I am also godmother to the daughter of a dear friend. I saw her just last week at her parent's house and we have close contact. I'm overjoyed that she is pregnant with her first child after 13 years of marriage.
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