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Old 26-12-20, 03:07
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Do you have someone who disappears on your tree or for who you have no marriage?

The father who was adopted might belong to a female of yours who later married.
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Old 30-12-20, 22:16
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I have a whole bunch of distant cousins from my Morrin-Laurie-Kerr ancestors, who all share matches (some have trees and show up in ThruLines).

A whole lot of the ancestors and rellies migrated to all over the place (US, Canada, Australia, NZ, India and England) from Scotland.

I have been extending my tree down those lines to see if I can, at least, add to my tree the ancestors who migrated. This may help link up those who have only small trees or those who only have ancestors born in the US (very few of my matches have trees that go back far enough to ancestors born outside the USA).

If this works, ThruLines should eventually pick up the links, I think. Its a lot of work, as they all had many children, but I am stuck at home and I may as well do some family research as look at facebook (we are not on lock down, but we are all just staying home anyway).

Sometimes I think its just a matter of looking far enough back in time - by my calculations, the furthest back I should be able to make a match is 5-g grandparents (about 5-8cM) but I am sure some of my matches have elevated shared amounts of DNA because of the number of marriages between the same families - first cousins, second cousins once removed, brother of cousin's husband.
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