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Default Take four 6xg-grandparents week 59 - 19 - 25 Feb 2016

This is our weekly challenge to see how much information you can find out about each of your 6xg-grandparents. Because most people will have quite a few gaps at this level of their tree, and so that it doesn't take years to get to the end, we are doing four ancestors per week. But they will be two couples, so it should be easy enough this way. What I will do is ask for the parents of each of a couple of 5xg-g's (i.e. all four grandparents of a particular 4x-g-g), and if you have posted TT5G threads for those people, you should be able to find them using the tag search - this week you would search for the tag TT5G59. For this challenge, we ask that you only post a thread if you know the first name of your ancestor. You are allowed to post up to eight threads each per week, e.g. your own ancestors and your OH's as well. Sorry that you may be posting a lot of threads per week but otherwise it would take too long. Most people will find that they don't have the names of all eight people for each week though.

This week, we are focussing on the parents of your mother's mother's mother's mother's father's father's father and mother's mother's mother's mother's father's father's mother. So they will be MMMMFFFF, MMMMFFFM, MMMMFFMF and MMMMFFMM. They should be the grandparents of the people in the TO4G threads with tag TO4G59 if that makes it easier!

If you want to take part, just start a new thread on this board for each ancestor and put his / her name in the Title. So you would have one thread each for your MMMMFFFF, MMMMFFFM, MMMMFFMF, MMMMFFMM, then four more for your OH's ancestors if you are doing them too.

Copy the following form and fill in the answers that you already have, then over the course of the next week you try to fill in the blanks and everyone else helps you. If you're lucky enough to have all the information already, then you can still post it up if you want, so that search engines can pick it up.

Can you fill in all of the following information about that person:

Name - "official" name and what they were known as
Date and place of birth
Names of parents
Date and place of baptism - if applicable
Details of each of his or her marriages - if any
Occupation(s) - if any
Addresses where they lived (including county if in UK) - and please list which censuses you have or haven't found him/her on (if s/he lived in census times!).
Date, place and cause of death
Date and place of burial.
Details of will / administration of their estate - if applicable
Memorial inscription - if any

Adoptive or step-6x-great-grandparents welcome! Please include the names of counties as well as cities, towns or villages.

Also, if you have posted a thread in TT5G for each couple's son or daughter, could you please include a link to that thread. If you search for the tag TT5G59, you should find it. Please let me know of any missing / wrong tags and I will correct them. If you posted your thread in the catchup weeks, there will probably not be a tag but you can ask me to add it.

Here is a link to the "tag search":

Family History News updated 12th December
MyHeritage - advanced features free for DNA uploaded this week
Ancestry - new filters for DNA matches
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