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Old 20-01-20, 13:18
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I have the wills of a father and son. Father made the son, John executor and trustee. All the children got their share outright, save William, for whom John was made trustee.

When John came to make his own will (complicated by an illegitimate daughter, for whom a trustee was appointed - and hideously complicated when her heirs died out and the estate was divided between the descendants of John's siblings) he specifically mentioned reimbursement for the trustees. I suspect that the relationship between John and William must have been - to say the least - difficult.
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Old 20-01-20, 14:30
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Ah, I know someone who is suddenly very wealthy, has left his estate between his three children, two of whom are to be trustees for the third. His reason? The third would, in his father's words " sniff the money up his nose".I

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Old 21-01-20, 03:24
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I was going to say William was difficult, rather than the relationship.

I received a will today and I think I'm going to copy it but change the names and locations to suit myself. It covered everything and named every child by her full married name.

The only improvement would have been dates of birth for his children, particularly the one I have never heard of, but that would be a rare will indeed.
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