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Some more for Kildwick, Yorkshire, to add to the ones in post #8:

Kildwick, St. Andrew's (baptisms, marriages and burials, 1575-1622) (transcription)

Kildwick, St. Andrew's (baptisms, marriages and burials, 1623-1678) (transcription browsable on Ancestry)
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Default Co. Durham

What's New at Durham Records Online:

Lamesley baptisms 1603-1729

4,134 baptisms at Lamesley St. Andrew in Chester-le-Street district, from the beginning of the first register in 1603 to the end of 1729, meeting up with the Lamesley baptisms we already had online. We now have all of the baptisms at this church from 1603 through 1851.

The first register is extremely faded, with the ink in some entries providing no more than a suggestion as to the names. The register is mostly in Latin from June 1620 to June 1644. Only a handful of baptisms in this set give the mother's name, the father's occupation, or the names of godparents or witnesses. There are also a few births of the children of dissenters.

Sample baptisms:

27 Mar 1603 William Browell of the Northends, son of Edward Browell
20 Sep 1618 William Pallasser, son of Raphe & Grace Pallasser
Godparents or Sponsors: William Pallasser, Robert Auckland & Elsabeth Harrat
12 Oct 1634 Elizabetha Maddison, daughter of Johannis [John] Maddison (taylor)
15 Oct 1648 William Humble, son of John Humble (lately deceased)
8 Sep 1696 Joseph Joplin, born 8 Sep 1696, son of Joseph Joplin (descenter from the Church of England)
23 Mar 1701 Eleanor Wheldon of Lamesley Constabulary, base born daughter of Isabell Wheldon
5 Feb 1705 Ann Ironside of Bainsly Lane, Lamesley Constabulary, daughter of William Ironside (papist)
29 Jun 1729 Barbara Kirkhouse of Tinker Row, daughter of Anthony Kirkhouse

Abodes mentioned besides Lamesley include Bainsley Lane or Baynsley Loninge, Blackburn, Blackburn Fell, Blackburn Mill, Bounder House, Castle Wood, Chapel Green, Chowdean, Coal Flat, Coats Flatt, Cobhaal, Cocks Close or Cox Close, Cow Close (Koow Close), Dumper Mill, Eighton Banks, Eighton Quarries, Fuger Houses, Gateside, Harley Green, Hedley, High Eighton, Hill Head, Hollin Bush, Kibblesworth, Lamesley Constabulary, Lingey Field, Long Acres, Loosing Hill, Moor Hill, Northends, Pelton, Penny Fine, Ramesworth or Ravensworth, Ravensworth Castle, Ravensworth Constabulary, Riding and Riding Mill, Street Gate, Tanfield, Tinckler Row or Tinker Row, West Fell, and Whickham.

The Sunniside Local History Society provides an interesting history of Ravensworth Castle and its environs.

Early in 2017, we will follow up with burials at Lamesley for the same period.
Newburn marriages 1754-1850

2,159 marriages at Newburn (St. Michael & All Angels) in the Castle Ward district of Northumberland, on the edge of Newcastle, covering 1754-1850, from a combination of the Bishop's Transcript and the parish register. All but one of these marriages have witnesses. The marriages from mid-1837 onward are full civil-registration-era marriages, with fathers and occupations.

Newburn is just across the River Tyne from the County Durham parishes of Ryton, Whickham, and Gateshead, so many families are found in the records of all four parishes. Residences mentioned besides Newburn include Bell's Close, Bolam, Dalton, Denton, Dewley (Duley, Dewlaw), Gateshead, Gosforth, Hartburn, Heddon-on-the-Wall, Jarrow, Kirkwhelpington, Lemington, New Winning, Newcastle, Ovingham, Ponteland, Ryton, Scotswood, South Dissington, Stamfordham, Stannington, Sugley Field, Throckley, Walbottle, Whickham, and Woolsington.

Sample marriages:

4 Jun 1754 Alexander Patterson of this parish married Isable Woolace of this parish, after banns
Witnesses: Thomas Wear, Robert Potts
24 Aug 1799 Thomas Drydon (bachelor) of the parish of Warden married Jane Twizell (spinster) of this parish, by licence
Witnesses: Margaret Barker, C. Twizell
17 Jun 1820 Arthur Shanks (widower) of the parish of Ovingham married Ann Weallens (spinster) of this parish, by licence
Witnesses: John Weallens, Mary Furnass
15 Jan 1839 John Oliver (bachelor, coalminer), age: minor, of Walbottle, son of William Oliver (cordwainer) married Ann Hume (widow), full age, of Walbottle, daughter of Oswald Reay (millwright), after banns
Witnesses: Isabella Mary Moore, William Moore
8 Aug 1848 Thomas Havis (widower, warehouse man), full age, of Gateshead, son of William Havis (yeoman) married Elizabeth Smith (spinster, servant), full age, of West Denton, daughter of Job Smith (brewer), after banns
Witnesses: William Weddle, Nathaniel Nimmo

Durham St. Nicholas marriages 1540-1786

2,650 marriages at St. Nicholas in the city of Durham, from the start of the first register in 1540 to the end of 1786, meeting up with our previous collection of marriages from this parish. We now have all the marriages here from 1540 to the end of May 1837.

In 1653, a new register was started to comply with the recent Act, and it ran until 1658. Then there are 2 smaller registers for March 1698 to March 1699 and July 1699 to July 1701. Concurrent with these is a register that runs from 1603 to 1731. Surprisingly, there is not much duplication between the registers; the clerk seems to have consistently used one or the other, except for a few examples that got recorded in 2 registers. There are no marriages recorded for Feb 1549 to Apr 1561, Jan 1645 to June 1649, June 1649 to Dec 1650, May 1651 to Nov 1653, and May 1659 to Jan 1661.

After 1590, there are occasional mentions of occupations, abodes other than St. Nicholas, and marriages that actually occurred elsewhere but were recorded in this register because one or both parties lived here. Here are some samples:

18 Jun 1542 Cuthbert Hogge married Anne Strickland (his wife)
3 Feb 1618 John Lockey (the elder) of Brancepeth married Margarett Colson (widow)
13 Jan 1645 Walter Knott married Margarett Dobinsan (his wife)
20 Oct 1699 John Snath married Thomason Morland, married at Newcastell
18 Mar 1728 John Newcomb of ye parish of Heighington married Elizabeth Tuart
14 Feb 1753 Henry Poole (soldier) married Elizabeth Chapman

Unfortunately, 714 of the first 718 marriages, to mid-1617, do not give the bride's surname – they are of this form:

28 Sep 1540 Anthony Simond married Elizabeth (his wife)
22 Jun 1600 Jerrard Brantingham (mason) married Anne [blank] (his wife)

After mid-1617, this format continues to appear sporadically for the next 20 years.

Abodes and witnesses and information about who performed the marrage are present for 1653-1658.

12 Dec 1653 William Bell married Jane Roumforth [Rumford] of [the] Chappelry of St Hellen Auckland within the parish of South Church, married before Anthony Daile. Maior of Durham
Witnesses: Robert Stoddert, Raiph Gargrave, William Key, Thomas Massam
4 Nov 1656 George Smith of [the] p[ar]ish of Lanchester married Dorothy Huchinson of [the] p[ar]ish of Lanchester, was married before Mr John Hall, draper, now maior of the Citty of Durham
Witnesses: Thomas Huchinson, George Kirbie, Tho Forcer

From 1754 onward, we get witnesses and abodes:

2 Dec 1754 Ralph Darling (widower) of this parish married Margaret Robson (widow) of the parish of Houghton le Spring, by licence
Witnesses: Robert Arrowsmith, John White, parish clerk
10 May 1785 Robert Downey of Yarm in the County of York married Mary Lambton of this parish, by licence
Witnesses: William Lambton, Edward Meredith, James Pearson

Only one marriage listed an age, apparently because it was remarkable for that period !

6 Feb 1575 Robert Millburne, age 92 married Margaret [blank] (his wife)

Castletown Cemetery burials 1921-1998

1,920 burials at Castletown Cemetery in the parish of Hylton, township of Southwick, Sunderland district, from the first burial in May 1921 to mid-July 1998. This small (4.5 acre) municipal cemetery is located on the north side of the River Wear on Hylton Castle Road. Abodes listed are mostly street addresses in Castletown, Hylton Castle, Monkwearmouth, North Hylton, Southwick, Sunderland, and a few in Washington.

Sample burials – nearly all of the burials in this set list either a parent, spouse, or occupation, plus the causes for accidental and war deaths:

23 Aug 1944 Mary otherwise Kathleen Bracebridge otherwise Thwaites, of 25 Park Street North, age: 34, adopted daughter of Mary Watson Thwaites
8 Nov 1951 Mary Watson Thwaites, of 25 Park Street North, age: 91, widow of William Thwaites
10 Apr 1945 Charles George Cope, of Manor House Cottage, North Hylton, age: 86, husband of the late Margaret Ellen Cope
16 Nov 1948 Robert Walker Curtis, of 28 Ernwill Avenue, age: 70, son of the late George William Curtis & Ellen Curtis
11 Dec 1968 George David Lakie, of 2 Thrush Grove, age: 99, gardener
9 Sep 1950 William Wood, of 30 Oswald Terrace South, age: 24, son of Thomas Wood, died accidentally at Hylton Colliery
6 Jan 1934 Mary Ann Kirtley, of 2 Aged Miners Homes, North Hylton Road, age: 79, widow of Wilkinson Kirtley, died at the residence of her daughter Mrs C.E. Collins of 47 Wharton Street, Westoe, South Shields
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