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Old 05-09-19, 18:07
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Default Another GEDmatch query.

A new match has just appeared on my results, and this kit matches with both me and my 2nd cousin. However the match doesn't appear on our individual lists, and when I check the new kit number on it's own (one to many) it only brings up one match - someone who has no matches to either of us.

In addition in the field where it says the source of the DNA sample it says "synthetic". I have not come across this before and wonder if anyone knows what it means.

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Old 06-09-19, 10:17
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I'm not sure but I came across this by googling:

Desktop tools
Borland Genetics Kevin Borland's free toolkit for reconstructing GedMatch-compatible synthetic DNA kits for deceased ancestors using raw DNA files of living relatives.

and this:
Lazarus is one of the Tier 1 utilities offered by GedMatch. It allows you to recreate at least some of an ancestor's genome, based on living relatives who have tested. It takes two sets of kits--one set consists of descendants of the ancestor whose DNA you're trying to recreate (Group 1); the second set consists of non-descendant relatives of that individual (Group 2).

So it looks as though "synthetic" means that it isn't from an actual DNA sample.

Family History News updated 28th April
Free access to till 3rd May
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