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Old 06-12-18, 19:03
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Default If only all censuses were like this!

Iowa State Census, 1925. If you don't have an ancestry world sub, there are sample images available free on the FamilySearch wiki:

What I particularly love is the "Nativity" section: Place of Birth of each Person enumerated and Name, Place of Birth, Age and Place of Marriage of Parents. And it includes mother's maiden name!

Family History News updated 12th May
Staffordshire BMD Indexes 1837-2017 new on ancestry
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Old 06-12-18, 19:15
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We may love it, but I bet those completing it thought the enumerators nosy, interfering busybodies.

I have often wondered who this chap was:
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Old 06-12-18, 22:15
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Would be great if we were sure the information was reliable. If I had to fill in a census form that long I'd probably descend into deliberately silly answers well before I got to the end!
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Old 07-12-18, 09:18
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I have a wonderful census, the 1819 Pole Lane census for Darwen, Lancs. It was compiled by the chapel authorities when they were on the point of splitting into two factions.

It contains details taken from the baptism register of all church members, with their date of birth, death, residence, names of parents and grandparents arranged in family groups.

It is broadly accurate for dates (some go back to the early 1700s) and family groups, along with lots of scurrilous remarks! It proved an absolute gem and helped to sort out all the various John Holdens etc.

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