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Old 30-12-21, 05:07
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Default Family Tree Software

I am currently using Family Tree Maker, about the 2008 edition I think! I also have a number of trees on Ancestry.
I am wondering if I should look at updating the software I have on my computer, which I will need to update sometime soon, or if I should just keep everything on Ancestry.
Am I right in thinking that FTM has been discontinued?
What do others use?

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Old 30-12-21, 06:32
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I use Family Historian and really love it. There is a Users' Group and also a Facebook group.
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Old 30-12-21, 06:59
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I've used Brother's Keeper since before 1999 (probably about 1995). Something serious would have to happen for me to change to something else.

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Old 30-12-21, 09:29
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Family Tree Maker hasn't exactly been discontinued but it moved to another company.

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Old 02-01-22, 03:50
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I'm happy with my FTM 2019 on one old and one new Mac and my FTM 2017 (2017 I think, but earlier anyway) on a Windows 7 PC. To me the advantage of keeping the resident application on my own computer is that I can synch it with Ancestry frequently and in case anything happens to the online version I still have it on my own hard drive where it is also backed up to an external hard drive. Having those multiple copies gives me peace of mind.
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Old 03-01-22, 10:30
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I currently use FTM 2019 but have problems downloading the media from ancestry (ie images etc).

However I also use for free, for several of my trees which gives access to whom I like with a password etc and they don't have to subscribe to anything. You have to upgrade if you want to print off charts etc but not sure if the free tribal pages allows you to upload photo's etc which the paid sub does.

I also have one paid for consolidated tree on tribal pages which I like better than FTM for printing off reports and charts etc.
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Old 09-01-22, 10:23
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I have FTM 2019 which is now owned by MacKiev. They have very good customer service. I keep all my trees on my laptop and work on the laptop and sync to ancestry to get the hints. If you don't want hints don't sync.
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