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Default 50% off new FMP monthly or quarterly subs

Offer ends on the 19th November. To save me copying over all the different links, here is a link to the Lost Cousins newsletter which has them (or it looks as though you could type in the promo code Remem50):

It will only work if you don't have a current sub, and you will need to make sure to turn off auto-renew so it doesn't renew at the full price.

When I click on the various links, the UK one is offering me a 50% 3-month sub and the other three (Ireland, Australia, US) are offering me a 50% 1-month one. I don't know whether it will be the same for everyone or if some will see a 1-month UK sub too.

The discounted prices it is showing me are as follows:

UK: Starter £11.93, Plus £17.93, Pro £22.43 (these are all for a 3 month sub)
It says the Pro sub includes "Our entire global collection including the 1939 Register; Exclusive newspaper archive".

Ireland: Ireland sub 4.98 Euros, World sub 7.48 Euros (for 1 month). Again, it says that the world sub includes "Our entire global record collection and newspaper archive" but the 1939 Register is not included in a monthly sub.

Australia: Australia and NZ sub: $4.98, World sub $9.98 (for 1 month). The 1-month sub does not include the 1939 Register.

USA: Essential British & Irish sub: $7.48, Ultimate British & Irish sub $9.98 (for 1 month). These subs don't include any Australian or NZ records as far as I can tell, there is no specific mention of the 1939 Register so you would need to check whether that is included, and, strangely, it doesn't say whether the American newspapers are included in the Ultimate British & Irish sub although it does include American census and BMD records. I would imagine it includes the American newspapers too, but worth checking before you pay up.

Approximate current equivalent prices in sterling according to XE Currency Converter:
4.98 Euros = £4.40
7.48 Euros = £6.61
4.98 Australian dollars = £2.83
9.98 Australian dollars = £5.67
7.48 US dollars = £5.85
9.98 US dollars = £7.80

but of course you will probably be charged a fee for foreign currency transactions on top of that. The Australian world sub looks like the best value for a 1-month sub. But since the pound is quite volatile at the moment, best check for yourself!

Whichever site you subscribe to, you can use the sub on any of their sites but you won't be able to view records not included in your sub. So if you take out the Australian world sub, for instance, you can still use the UK site as normal.

Family History News updated 15th Feb
Ancestry free access weekend 15th-18th Feb
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