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My grandparents married on this day in 1923. Despite the fact that both had lived in Woldingham, Surrey for over five years, both gave their addresses as their parents' - presumably so that the Hornes could advertise that their son was getting married, and my granny could marry in Letheringsett, Norfolk, in the bosom of her family.

Problems attached to marrying away from home. My grandfather was a keen (if impecunious) amateur photographer and promised to bring his camera. He forgot. I have to rely on the newspaper report to discover what the wedding was like. He did subsequently take a photo of granny in her wedding dress: golden brown with the droopy hem fashionable at the time, set against the Surrey hills, but this alas has not (to my knowledge) survived.
The vicar was similarly forgetful, and their entries are handwritten in the gro indexes.
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