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Default Walter Horner Brown

Name - "official" name and what they were known as Walter Horner Brown
Date and place of birth 5th Feb 1837 11 Montague Terrace, Stepney, London
Names of parents Joseph Brown and Jane nee Horner
Date and place of baptism - if applicable 24 Mar 1837 St Botolph without Aldgate, London, baptism entry says "daugh of"!
Details of each of his or her marriages - if any 26th Feb 1876 St Stephen's, Hampstead, to Jane Laurence
Occupation(s) - if any Wharfinger then Merchant; his company Walter H Brown & Co sold coal tar products
Addresses where they lived (including county if in UK) - and please list which censuses you have or haven't found him/her on.
1841 Montague Terrace, Stepney, London
1851 at Dr Usmar's boarding school, High Street, Epping Town, Essex
1861 - 1871 4 Stock Orchard Crescent, Islington, London
1881 13 Eton Villas, Hampstead, London
1891 - 1917 88 Adelaide Road, Hampstead, London

Date, place and cause of death 14th April 1917 at 88 Adelaide Road, Hampstead, 1. Chronic Endocarditis (Double Mitral), 2. Dilatation of the Heart 9 months
Date and place of burial / cremation. 17 Apr 1917 Highgate Cemetery, Grave number 21892, square 35, with wife and mother
Details of will / administration of their estate - if applicable Probate granted 17th July 1917 to Reginald Charles Hassett, Montague Macintosh Williams and Alice Ramsden. Gross value of estate £34912-12-0, net personal estate £24782-15-11
Memorial inscription - if any don't know

Family History News updated 30th Sep
Geneanet digital library free access till 4th Oct

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