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He said he needs to let his bank balance recover - he had to pay £3,812!

It's good to know that the work of OH's ancestor is valued.
We hope to be able to touch them ourselves when we are able to see OH's cousin.

Nell, yes, it's lovely to have some of the things our ancestors owned.
I have my grandmother's grandfather clock. I have a lot of the family photo albums. I have diaries that my grandfather wrote in the 1930s. My sister has my great-grandmothers school trunk - she was sent away to school, like all her siblings, as her parents were Master and Matron of Portsea Island Workhouse.
I also have a trade card from the 1820s of my ancestor Charles Alexander. My grandfather was given it by a cousin when he visited the US at the end of WW2 on business for Farnborough.
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