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Mary was probably born around 1792, not in Hertfordshire. Elizabeth was unmarried in 1830.
Oooh - I have known for over a decade what happened to the Millwood's daughter Mary, but their daughter Elizabeth was a mystery. She was named in a family will of 1830 as Elizabeth (no surname) the sister of Mary (married name), but I was never sure if Elizabeth was married at that date or not. Just now I found this:

St Andrew's Holborn
George Manners otp and Elizabeth Millwood married by banns 24 Nov 1828. Both signed. Witnesses Robert McCrery and Joseph Mould

Robert Francis McCrery was Elizabeth's brother-in-law; the husband of her sister Mary Millwood.

I found the Manners family in 1851 and this is the birth reg of their youngest child at that date:

GRO Reference: 1849 D Quarter in HENDON Volume 03 Page 234

Quite a few families who had some connection to the McCrery family named a child Robert Francis!

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