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Default Ooh, I just knocked down a brick wall!

For about 15+ years I've been patiently waiting for a marriage entry to appear to enable me to join together two parts of my tree.

As at 30 mins ago I had:

My first cousin 4x removed, Sarah Maynard (possibly born in Bedfordshire about 1770) who married a Mr Millwood (prob around 1790) and had two (unbaptised?) daughters, Mary and Elizabeth. Mary was probably born around 1792, not in Hertfordshire. Elizabeth was unmarried in 1830. This info mainly came from family wills and the 1841 census.


James Millwood and Sarah (surname unknown) had four known sons, the first in 1798. These children were baptised in Holborn, London. One of these sons married someone distantly linked to Sarah Maynard in the previous paragraph.

So, I needed a marriage between James Millwood and Sarah Maynard to prove the parents of the two families were in fact the same couple. Every year or so I go through the motions with lots of variations on the spellings of Maynard (Minard, Mennard etc) and Millwood (Milward, Melwood etc), only for this to turn up today (perfect spelling):

St Giles in the Fields Holborn

James Millwood otp and Sarah Maynard otp married by banns 8th May 1791
James Millwood (mark) Sarah Maynard.
Witnesses Louis Barral (Barrat?) and Mary Starbank (mark)

Now I think I can safely say I have one family with six children not two families with two and four children.

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