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Georgette 09-12-09 16:38

Photo Posting Guidelines
Here are some simple guidelines to ensure that the photos you post are clear enough for our photo restorers to work on:
  • Please scan your photo at between 300 and 600dpi
  • Upload your photo to Photobucket or other photo hosting site
  • Post your photo on here from Photobucket using the guidelines below

Georgette 09-12-09 16:43

Rachel's Updated Photobucket Advice

(1) Have 2 windows open on your ‘desktop’ ~ Photobucket and Genealogists' Forum (GF)

(2) Photobucket ~ find the pic you want to use

(3) GF ~ have the reply box ready

(4) Photobucket ~ either hover your cursor over the image until the list of codes appears

or click on the image and it will open in a new window with the codes to the right

(5) Keep clicking on the 4th code (IMG code) until it says ’copied’

(6) GF ~ paste into the reply box

(7) Click ‘Submit Message’

Georgette 01-11-12 19:37

Rachel's updated scanning advice:


ALWAYS scan in colour mode, even if your photo is black & white or sepia.
This will capture more information than greyscale.

Do NOT use auto.
Do NOT use a filter/screen or anything clever.

DO crop the image before you scan so you’re scanning the image and not the lid of the scanner.

Either scan at 600 with the scale at 100% or scan at 300 and increase the scale.

Scanning at more than 600 is pointless. It will only increase the file size and may also result in odd halos.

The preferred way is to scan at a resolution of 300 and increase the scale.
It’s not possible to be specific about the scale as each photo will vary to a certain extent, but you will need to keep an eye on the file size.

If you’re scanning for personal use then having a HUGE file size doesn’t really matter.

For e-mailing you probably want to keep it at around 5 Megabytes.
Depends what your computer can cope with. Send your images as JPGs.

For a black & white (or sepia) photo of postcard size, try the scale at 150%

Before clicking ‘scan’ check that your scanner has not reverted to a previous setting.

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