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hobbes 17-02-10 08:27

Maria Mann
Name - Maria Mann
Date and place of birth - 1823, Charlsfield, Suffolk
Names of parents - John Mann (1785) and Unice Baker (1794)
Date and place of baptism - 1845, Charlsfield, Suffolk
Details of each of his or her marriages - 25/12/1849, Charlsfield, Suffolk to William Taylor of same parish
Occupation(s) -
Addresses where they lived (including county if in UK) - 1851-1871 all with William Taylor, Charlsfield. 1891 and 1901 on own in Charlsfield
Date, place and cause of death - ??

Margaret in Burton 17-02-10 08:43

Have you found her in 1911 to help narrow down her death?

Margaret in Burton 17-02-10 08:54

Just looked on the map and it seems to be Charsfield not Charlsfield which comes under Woodbridge. Can't find a death in that area.

Any connections with a Shephard family? There is a Maria Taylor (mother) aged 81 on the 1911 living in Charsfield with Charles Shephard and wife Emma. Age is a bit out.

hobbes 17-02-10 09:56

i don't think there's a link with the Shephard family, but i'm not sure about accessing 1911

hobbes 03-09-20 16:52

Finally got back to my ancestry after a number of years. I think the connection is correct as there is a daughter for Maria Taylor listed as Emma on the census with no baptism record. I also may have finally located her burial as 1912 and not as expected in 1900-1902.
She has proven quite difficult as she was baptised in 1845 with no age listed, but also married in 1849 so her actual dob can't be estblished properly
a very belated hank you so much for your help

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