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marquette 12-11-10 09:49

Charles Tupper (FFFMF)
Name - "official" name and what they were known as
Charles Tupper

Date and place of birth
1804-1807, in Woolavington or Graffham Sussex

Names of parents
possibly Thomas Tupper and Ann (nee Pote, or nee Challen later Pote).Thomas Tupper named on death certificate. Thomas and Ann (married 1789) are the only ones baptising children in Woolavington and Graffham in this period. Thomas apparently died in 1809.

Date and place of baptism - if applicable
1 Mar 1807, Woollavington Sussex - baptised the same day as Charlotte and Thomas Tupper.
Quoting the parish register "1st Mar 1807, Charles, Charlotte and Thomas Tupper". no parents listed.

Details of each of his or her marriages - if any
married Eliza Harwood, 20 July 1839 at Sutton Sussex

Occupation(s) - if any
ag lab, shepherd, blacksmith

Addresses where they lived (including county if in UK) - and please list which censuses you have or haven't found him/her on (if s/he lived in census times!).
1841 - Parish of Graffham, Sussex, age 30,ag lab, with wife Eliza, 20 and daughter Catherine, 2
1851 - Graffham Brook, Graffham Sussex, age 42, age lab (b orn Woolavington) , wife Eliza age 30, Catherine 12 and William 9
1861 - Brook, Graffham Sussex, now aged 50 (born Graffham), wife 40, son 19

1862 - to Sydney NSW with family and daughter Catherine, and her husband and family.

Date, place and cause of death
1 Dec 1868 (aged 64), Parramatta-road, Burwood NSW.

Date and place of burial.
3 Dec 1868, St Thomas Church Graveyard, Enfield
Buried with wife Eliza, son Harwood William, son-in-law Edmund Collis, granddaughter Elizabeth and ashes of great-grandson Norman Jack Collis

Details of will / administration of their estate - if applicable
none known

Memorial inscription - if any
"Also Charles Tupper, died 1st December 1868, aged 64 years"

marquette 26-03-20 09:00

In 2018, I persuaded my father to give me a DNA sample to see if we could find a DNA match which might point to whether I am on the right path with Charles Tupper's parents.

Two DNA matches with Dad and a couple of other family members, indicates that Charles Tupper is the son of Thomas Tupper and Ann Poat. One DNA match leads back to his brother William and the other to his brother James.

Jill 26-03-20 13:10

Gosh, over 9 years since you first posted above on Charles, how good to get confirmation of your initial theory.

marquette 28-03-20 08:52

Hi Jill

I was over the moon - the lack of parents in the baptism record was a real brickwall. I am not sure that Dad truly appreciated what a break through the DNA matches were.

Just this week Ancestry posted DNA matches and Common Ancestors flags for them pointing to the TILL family, so I am chasing up Ann's family.

I also have one DNA match linking back to Thomas Harwood and Frances Bartlett, through their daughter Frances.

Sadly Dad passed away at 91, a few weeks ago - the last surviving grandchild of his grandparents. This week his nephew, my cousin, became a grandfather himself. Such is the circle of life.

Jill 28-03-20 11:43

I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your dad, a sad time for you, but congratulations for the new bud on the tree.

OH, (your distant cousin) has a DNA link to someone in the US who descends from Sarah Harwood, sister to your Thomas Harwood who married Frances Bartlett.

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