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Phoenix 26-03-20 07:59

My ancestor (I hope!!) was Elizabeth/betty Justrell Corke.

She appears to be the only child of John Corke and Elizabeth Justril.

This is their marriage on 21 September 1732:

and this is her baptism on 6 July 1733:

But is it Justrell or Instrell? I and J are identical in this period.

I think (judging by hits on freebmd) it is Instrell, but would welcome your comments.

kiterunner 26-03-20 08:31

Could be either! But I agree about the FreeBMD numbers.

Merry 26-03-20 08:33

I looked at hit numbers on Ancestry and FMP. The J hit rate was around 60 on both sites and for I around 2,500. Presumably some of those will be mistranscriptions, but still a big difference in the numbers.

Looking at the images you posted, as you say, pretty impossible to know what they were thinking! I see there's an Israel Smith further down the baptism page, but his entry is no help at all!

Phoenix 26-03-20 08:35

I hate not knowing what would have been so obvious to their contemporaries.

Merry 26-03-20 08:46

I searched *strell in Wiltshire on Ancestry and there are a lot of Gastrell and Gustrell entries too. Not too far from Justrell depending on how you pronounce it. (I know that's not at all helpful!)

Phoenix 26-03-20 10:11

Thank you, Merry!

That's an interesting line to pursue. I'll see if I can find any cross overs.

garstonite 30-03-20 08:23

was the baptism of Elizabeth in St Martins church, Salisbury ?
Geneanet has no results for Justrell - 2 results for Instrell
28th March - 31st March - it is free to use the Library on Geneanet to members -some records you have to pay for but the library is free for 4 days - you may be lucky ??

Phoenix 30-03-20 10:21

Yes! Thanks Allan for that hint.

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