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Muggins in Sussex 20-09-09 06:37

Deceased Online

190,000 Angus burials recently added

LindyTumblethump 22-09-09 19:53

Oh never seen that site before off to look xxhugxx

Muggins in Sussex 05-02-10 06:07

36,000 burials for London Borough of Havering now added to the site

Sue from Southend 05-02-10 19:21

Wow - just found loads of OH's family - Havering inhabitants all their lives! Thank you so much for this!

Jill 05-02-10 21:35

Thanks Joan, I've found several families there , including my dear old great uncle

Muggins in Sussex 18-03-10 05:51

29,000 Brent, 175,000 Cambridge and 24,000 Gainsborough records now added to the site

Muggins in Sussex 01-06-10 06:29

24,000 Aberdeen records added - more to follow

borobabs 01-06-10 07:00

Oh Joan thanks for reminder , ages since I checked on there ;;

Muggins in Sussex 03-06-10 06:30

More Brent records now added too, and 3,000 for Salcombe, Devon

Muggins in Sussex 07-06-10 18:16

40,000 records added for Newark, Notts -

+ in an e-mail from them "We're also busy working on over a million records for the UK's two largest cemeteries situated in London. There's a lot of work here but we hope to have a full range of records available at the end of the Summer."

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