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Janet 19-06-11 18:46

Thomas Jackson - Horsforth nr Leeds - MMMMF
Take one 3xG-Grandparent week 31

mother's mother's mother's mother's father - MMMMF

Getting very multicolored here, but for the sake of accountability I've made my 10 Dec 2012 updates in magenta.

Name - "official" name and what they were known as -
Thomas Jackson

Date and place of birth - 1772
Horsforth, near Leeds, Yorkshire
Some Ancestry trees have guesses around 1769-1777. (See re: baptism below.)

Names of parents
Thomas Jackson and ?

Date and place of baptism - if applicable
There is a baptism in Rawdon Chapel in 1776 of a Thomas Jackson, son of Jonathan Jackson. But according to his gravestone it should be 1772, and to my knowledge we have no other Jonathans. We only have Johns. I don't think that's him...?

Details of each of his or her marriages - if any
24 March 1794 to Hannah Stead - Guiseley, Yorkshire
(The PR says married in Guiseley Church.)

Sarah Jackson 28 JUN 1795
John Jackson 21 AUG 1796
Hannah Jackson 29 APR 1798
Frances Jackson 17 AUG 1800
John Jackson 07 MAR 1802
Henry Jackson 19 AUG 1804
Thomas Jackson 25 MAY 1806
Mary Jackson 31 JAN 1808
Ann Jackson 29 JUL 1810
Elizabeth Jackson 29 MAY 1814
George Jackson 12 MAY 1816
These last two are confirmed. The witness at Elizabeth Jackson's marriage to James Baldwin is David Crampton, her brother-in-law, husband of her sister Ann Jackson my MMMM.

Occupation(s) - if any
clothier then papermaker
I think this is his bankruptcy proceeding in the 14 Feb 1832 London Gazette:
Hannah Stead's father was a papermaker.

Addresses where they lived (including county if in UK) - and please list which censuses you have or haven't found him/her on (if s/he lived in census times!).
Horsforth, near Leeds, Yorkshire

Date, place and cause of death
25 May 1835, age 63 (gravestone in Rawdon St Peter's cemetery), place and cause unknown

Date and place of burial.
Possibly 27 May 1835, Rawdon, St Peter, age 63:
Yes, this was correct.

Details of will / administration of their estate - if applicable
Unlikely, given bankruptcy.

Memorial inscription - if any
lieth the Body of
Hannah Daughter of
Thomas and Hannah
Jackson of Horsforth who
died Jan.y 23rd, 1800 aged 1 Year.
Also John Son of the abovesaid
who died Feb.y 1,st 1800 aged 5 Years.
Also Sarah and Frances who died
in their Infancy.
Also Thomas Son of the abovesaid
who died May 31,st 1808 aged 2 Years.
Also Mary Daughter of the abovesaid
who died Jan.y 18,th 1810 aged 2 Years.
Also Thomas the Father of <<<<<<
the above named Children, who <<<<<<
departed this Life the 25th of <<<<<<
May 1835 Aged 63 Years. <<<<<<
Also Hannah the Wife of the
above named who departed
this Life the 17th of Febr 1855
Aged 81 Years.
In Life Respected
In Death Lamented

Many many thanks for this to the Gravestone Photographic Resource website, Charles Sale its leading light, and volunteer Trevor Langridge who took and indexed the photograph of my Jackson family's gravestone. I am forever deeply indebted.

I found MMMM Ann Jackson's baptism here in Guiseley PRs Horsforth Chapel Baptisms 1800-1812 on GenUKI, showing father Thomas Jackson, clothier:

and since we know he had a daughter Sarah born in 1795 (thank you Merry),
then possibly this might be the family in a 1795 census in Horsforth (3 people in household)?:
Note: This same census lists six Stead households and another Thomas Jackson household, presumably the father of this Thomas Jackson.
The other Thomas Jackson household could also be the one bap. 1776 (see above).

There may be a baptism for him on FMP in 1777 in Pontefract, Yorkshire (West Riding). I no longer think so. Pontefract is too far away.

kiterunner 22-06-11 07:33

The marriage is on ancestry now! Witnesses William Musgrave and William Booth. It doesn't say anything about Thomas being a minor, so I would think he was born well before 1777.

kiterunner 22-06-11 07:38

There is a possible burial for Hannah on ancestry - Hannah Jackson buried 16 Apr 1828 Guiseley and Horsforth, letter A no 3, abode Horsforth, age 53. I don't know what the letter / number thing is, maybe burial plot? If it's her then she was born around 1774. I can't see a burial for Thomas just at the moment.

kiterunner 22-06-11 07:43

On Henry's baptism 19 Aug 1804, the father is Thomas Jackson junior, so Thomas' father was also Thomas.

kiterunner 22-06-11 07:51

Thomas' occupation on all the children's baptisms is Clothier, except on George's where he is a papermaker.

Janet 22-06-11 13:08

Oh, thanks so much Kite. So they probably have the wrong Thomas Jackson on that tree then. What was the age of majority?

And why is he suddenly a papermaker in 1816? Is that a natural progression from clothier? They would be using plant fibers in both fabrics and paper, I suppose. Did the bottom drop out of the clothing industry in 1815 for some reason? Or could that be the wrong Thomas Jackson too?

kiterunner 22-06-11 13:49

The age of majority was 21. Don't know why papermaker - it could be he changed jobs, or could be a mistake, or could be a different Thomas.

Janet 23-06-11 04:02

I was wary of those last two children. They weren't on the list Merry gave me on that other thread.
My notes tell me I got them off the mundia tree and that I found the reference on IGI in Horsforth, Yorkshire, with parents Thomas Jackson and Hannah. It seemed like they fit, but it worries me a little bit that there's a 4-year gap there between Ann and Elizabeth. The others are all 2 years (except the first two, 1 year apart). So maybe Thomas Jackson the paper manufacturer is a different person and maybe Elizabeth and George don't belong here.

kiterunner 23-06-11 07:58


Originally Posted by Janet (Post 140074)
I was wary of those last two children. They weren't on the list Merry gave me on that other thread.

Merry only searched the IGI batch that covers 1780 -1812. The last two are in a different batch, just because the format of the baptism register changed in 1813 so most people transcribe post-1813 baptisms separately from pre-1813 ones.

But, having said that, I didn't look at Elizabeth's baptism yesterday because ancestry's search didn't match the father's name "Thos" with the "Thomas" that I was searching for! And her father is a papermaker, so either it's a different Thomas, or he changed jobs.

Janet 23-06-11 20:37

Thanks Kite! Valuable information.

When you say that the marriage is on ancestry now, with witnesses William Musgrave and William Booth (and saying nothing about Thomas being a minor), you mean the marriage of Thomas Jackson and Hannah Stead in 1794 in Guiseley, yes?

So I don't know if these are the right parents, but the wrong dob for Thomas; or else the right dob, wrong marriage, i.e., there could be another Thomas Jackson who married a Hannah.

I think I will order Ann's birth cert at the very least, as she is my direct ancestor. How much info is (or is not) on there in 1810? (Mother's maiden name? I'll be lucky in those days if it even has her mother's first name, I suppose.)

I could order Ann's marriage cert too. But marriage cert will not give me her mother's name; will give me father's occupation, though, and Ann Jackson married 6 Aug 1836 so I might see if it still says her father is a clothier (if he's not retired and listed simply as "gentleman", or deceased).

Am asking myself how much I really need to nail down whether Elizabeth and George are mine, but I would like to know after all; and it bears upon whether I want to explore the rest of that person's mundia tree. If she's just glued my Jacksons onto her Jackson tree without noticing that the parents are not the same, I can save myself that effort!

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