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Anstey Nomad 29-10-20 12:30

DNA - still puzzled
What I wasn't expecting to find this morning when I searched for a relatively unusual surname (Iliffe) in my matches' trees, was a match of mine who has Mr Nomad's direct line in her tree.

She does not match with Mr Nomad.

I'm even more confused now. What does this mean? Are we actually distantly related?

Phoenix 29-10-20 12:51

Given the number of genes we have, your new cousin presumably has 7cM or less in common with Mr Nomad. Leaving over 6000cM to have in common with you.

You may have DNA in common with Mr N -but under 6cM.

I'm attending a zoom meeting on Saturday, in the hope of learning more about DNA - but I doubt if I will!

Guinevere 29-10-20 13:14

My grandparents were 7th cousins but I doubt they knew.

My cousin is related to herself several times. I am as well but not so many. :)

kiterunner 29-10-20 18:01

It just means you are related to someone who is related to Mr Nomad.

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