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Janet 12-12-12 08:55

John Laycock - Sutton-in-Craven, Yks - MFFMF
Name - John Laycock

Date and place of birth - about 1786, Sutton-in-Craven, Yorkshire

Names of parents - unknown

Date and place of baptism - unknown

Details of each of his or her marriages - Sarah unknown

Occupation(s) -
publican (1841)
farmer (daughter Mary Ann's marriage cert. 1845)
weaver (1851)
bobbin winder master (1861)

Addresses where they lived (including county if in UK) - and censuses found
Sutton-in-Craven, Yorkshire
1841, 1851, 1861 (see discussion below)

Date, place and cause of death - presumably Sutton, date unknown

Date and place of burial - unknown

Details of will / administration of their estate - unknown

Memorial inscription - unknown

Janet 12-12-12 08:56

We are looking for Mary Ann Laycock's father John Laycock, so named on her marriage cert.
In 1881, my direct ancestors Thomas Berry and his wife Mary Ann (nee Laycock) have her sister Hannah Walton with them in Sutton.
I think I can use her to find Mary Ann's father.
Thomas Berry 61
Mary Ann Berry 60
John Berry 34
Peter Berry 32
William Berry 23
Hannah Walton 64 sister-in-law <<<

Thomas and Mary Ann died in 1890 and 1887 respectively.
On the 1891, Hannah Walton is on the same end of town, now with the Heaton family as mother-in-law.
David Heaton 44
Sarah Heaton 41
Spencer Heaton 13
Mary Heaton 8
Hannah Walton 75 mother-in-law <<<

I can find the index (but not any image) for the marriage of David Heaton to Sarah Walton (freebmd).
Marriages Mar 1877
Haggas Charles Keighley 9a 280
Heaton David Keighley 9a 280 <<<
Walton Sarah Keighley 9a 280 <<<
WILLIAMS Anne Agnes Keighley 9a 280

Working backwards now, I have Hannah in Sutton as head of household on the 1871.
Hannah Walton 56
John Walton 24
Sarah Walton 22
Caroline Walton 18
William Walton 16

In 1861 she is in Sutton, head of household, and has John Laycock, widower, as a "boarder".
I wish it said he was her father.
Hannah Walton 47
Mary Ann Walton 16
John Walton 14
Sarah Walton 12
Caroline Walton 8
William Walton 6
John Laycock 75

Before that she is with her husband Richard Walton in Sutton on the 1851.
Richard Walton 48
Hannah Walton 38
Margarett Walton 19
Maria Walton 11
Mary Ann Walton 6
John Walton 4
Sarah Walton 2

And next door is John Laycock, born about 1786.
John Laycock 65 <<<
Sarah Laycock 65 <<<
Thomas Greenwood 29
James Wowell 24
[Wowell is not right, not the same W as elsewhere, so it's ?owell.]

I expect this is the marriage of Richard Walton and Hannah Laycock (freebmd):
Marriages Sep 1842
HIRD Abigail Skipton 23 413
LAYCOCK Hannah Skipton 23 413 <<<
MASOM Elizabeth Skipton 23 413
METCALF Solomon Skipton 23 413
SMITH James Skipton 23 413
TOWNEND John Skipton 23 413
WALKER Grace Skipton 23 413
WALTON Richard Skipton 23 413 <<<

And finally here we have Hannah Laycock still living with her father John Laycock who says he is a publican in 1841:
John Laycock 50
Sarah Laycock 50
Hannah Laycock 24 <<<
Martha Laycock 6
James Gill 50

This is Image 4. If you look at the top of the page you will see some Waltons just up the street.
The household is split over 2 pages, so if you go back to Image 3 you find Richard Walton right at the bottom.
Richard Walton 35
Elizabeth Walton 12
Margaret Walton 9
Maria Walton 5

So I think I have made my case that this John Laycock is my Mary Ann Laycock's father. Does anyone agree?

Janet 12-12-12 08:56

Skating ever farther out onto the thin ice:

There is a possible birth/baptism but I myself can't see what Ancestry is seeing on that image and I don't know how I would ever prove that this is him.
Name Birth Date Event Date Event Type Father's Name Mother's Name
John Laycock 12 Nov 1786 17 Jan 1787 Baptism Laycock Hannah Laycock

Moreover, when I click over to the second page I see another entry listed under February (I'm assuming 1787):
John son of John Bottomley Laycock & his wife Susan
daughter of Nathan Bailey
born 19 Jan 1787, bap 14 Feb 1787
(Ancestry has mistranscribed this as John Bottomley with father John Bottomley and mother Susan Bottomley. I put in a correction.)

There is also
John son of Joseph Bailey Laycock & his wife Mary
daughter of James Moor[???]
born 23 Oct 1786, bap 29 Nov 1786

And possibly
08 Aug 1784 John Son of Benjamin Laycock of Glusburn Weaver and Eleanor his Wife 18 Jul 1784
(Glusburn, Sutton and Crosshills form one community.)

He is with Hannah in April 1861, but no longer with her and probably gone in 1871. So from freebmd:
Deaths Jun 1861
Laycock John Keighley 9a 144
Deaths Sep 1862
Laycock John William Edward Keighley 9a 100
Deaths Sep 1866
Laycock John 77 Keighley 9a 117
Deaths Dec 1866
Laycock John 37 Keighley 9a 123
Deaths Jun 1868
LAYCOCK John 82 Keighley 9a 139
Deaths Jun 1870
Laycock John 19 Keighley 9a 131

Of these, the only one I can tell would be the right age is June qtr 1868, age 82.
I can't tell about the June 1861. The census was in April, so it's possible.
I think I can rule out the fellow with the multiple middle names.

kiterunner 12-12-12 09:36


Originally Posted by Janet (Post 216058)
There is a possible birth/baptism but I myself can't see what Ancestry is seeing on that image and I don't know how I would ever prove that this is him.
Name Birth Date Event Date Event Type Father's Name Mother's Name
John Laycock 12 Nov 1786 17 Jan 1787 Baptism Laycock Hannah Laycock

It looks like John son of Roger Shackleton and ???? daughter of John Bottomley to me, and after I had deciphered that much, I cross-checked against FamilySearch and they have transcribed it as John Shackleton son of Roger Shackleton and Anne Bottomley. So I think we can rule that one out. I will have a look at the rest later but have to go out now.

Janet 12-12-12 09:50

Thank you, Kite. Much appreciated as always. I could barely read anything there. I don't know how you do it!

I had a thread for Mary Ann Laycock. Just in case it's useful:

I am burning the midnight oil on towards dawn, so I'll be back later too.

kiterunner 12-12-12 11:44

GENUKI says that Kildwick was the parish for Sutton in Craven. But it seems to be in North Yorkshire, so not included in the images on ancestry.

FamilySearch has these baptisms at Kildwick:
John Laycock born 2 Feb 1780, baptised 9 Apr 1780, parents John and Hannah
John Laycock born 8 Dec 1781, baptised 6 Jan 1782, parents Robert and Mary
John Laycock born 18 Jul 1784, baptised 8 Aug 1784, parents Benjamin and Eleanor
John Laycock born 10 Oct 1786, baptised 22 Oct 1786, parents John and Elizabeth
John Laycock born 3 Jun 1790 Sutton Baptist, Kildwick, parents Thomas and Priscilla (image on BMD Registers website)

kiterunner 12-12-12 12:19

I was hoping we could find a full transcript of those Kildwick parish registers online, to see whether the place of residence is stated, but the only site I can find which has the right date range is Family Relatives, which is a pay site.

Janet 12-12-12 19:46

Ah yes, I see that now. I had looked at Volume I of the Kildwick PRs long ago, as they are available on, but now that things are coming into focus I see that I would need to look at Volume II and that's what Family Relatives has.

There's another angle, and that is the Sutton Baptists which may be exactly where I should be looking. I finally found the death of Mary Ann's father-in-law James Berry there as well as a lot of comings and goings of his wife and daughters. Mary Ann's husband Thomas Berry was active in the Baptist chapel as well, but I think I never convinced myself that the Baptist affiliation traveled up the generations to Mary Ann's own father. I need to look again.

Josie Walsh's Craven Indexes contain her transcription of Sutton Baptist Chapel Births 1764-1837. The rest of the children baptized by Thomas and Priscilla don't have names that seem to jibe with my family, so I think maybe I can eliminate that John Laycock.
LAYCOCK John Thomas & Priscilla 3.6.1790
LAYCOCK Judith Thomas & Priscilla 18.2.1792
LAYCOCK Priscilla Thomas & Priscilla 28.5.1796
LAYCOCK Priscilla Thomas & Priscilla 31.3.1798
LAYCOCK Thomas Thomas & Priscilla 16.2.1789
LAYCOCK Joseph Thomas & Priscilla 3.6.1790
LAYCOCK Benjamin Thomas & Priscilla 18.1.1794
LAYCOCK Moses Thomas & Priscilla 30.3.1801

LAYCOCK Sophia Sarah 10.12.1826
LAYCOCK Henry James & Mary 8.6.1810
LAYCOCK Mary James & Ann 4.3.1812
LAYCOCK Elizabeth Sarah 10.11.1828
LAYCOCK Martha James & Ann 15.7.1819
LAYCOCK Aaron Thomas & Priscilla 27.4.1806
LAYCOCK Judith Aaron & Maria 22.2.1833
LAYCOCK David James & Ann 11.7.1816
LAYCOCK Priscilla Aaron & Maria 27.4.1831
LAYCOCK Ann James & Ann 13.8.1817
LAYCOCK Margaret James & Ann 29.3.1814
LAYCOCK Sarah Richard & Ann Heaton 8.8.1836
LAYCOCK Barbara Aaron & Maria 9.3.1835
I have on my hard drive a very detailed spreadsheet of the registers of the Sutton Baptists and I don't know where I got it. :o I'm hoping I left myself a trail of bread crumbs somewhere but have not found it yet. Some of the Laycock, Berry and Walton names here are now very familiar!
LAYCOCK David Baptised by J Walton and added 1.6.1780, excluded 29.5.1783, Restored 4.2.1796, excluded 2.3.1797
WALTON John Received from Church at Halifax 20.8.1780, Ordained Pastor 24.8.1780
LAYCOCK Thomas Baptised by J Walton 19.4.1793 and admitted as a member 21.4.1793 Died 10.9.1854 aged 88yrs
LAYCOCK Ann Baptised by John Walton 28.8.1796 and admitted as a member 18.9.1796 Excluded 22.6.1797
LAYCOCK Ann Restored 8.7.1809 dead in the year 1838
LAYCOCK Hannah Baptised on a profession of faith 8.6.1812 and added to Church 14.6.1812 Lives in Blackburn, withdrawn
LAYCOCK Judy Baptised before died April 1850
LAYCOCK Priscilla Baptised 6.8.1820 at Addingham
LAYCOCK Margaret Baptised 12.10.1834, dismissed to Skipton 9.1.1866, now Mrs Bairstow
LAYCOCK Ann Baptised 12.10.1834, died 1840
LAYCOCK Martha Baptised 9.11.1834
BERRY Ann Baptised 5.4.1835
BERRY Martha Baptised 5.4.1835, excluded March 1843, restored Nov 1845 now Mrs Hartley Died 23.11.1864
LAYCOCK Priscilla Baptised 5.4.1835
BERRY Eleanor Baptised 5.4.1835, dismissed to Haworth Sep 1848, dismissed to Colne 1860
LAYCOCK Mrs Baptised 3.2.1837, died 14.11.1855
BERRY Hannah Baptised 3.5.1840 dismissed to Haworth
LAYCOCK Joseph Received from Keighley dismissed to Cononley 5.10.1861
WALTON Margaret Baptised 3.2.1850, now Mrs Stephen Midgley
WALTON Maria Baptised 14.11.1858 now Mrs Murgatroyd
LAYCOCK Wilkinson Baptised 3.6.1866 of Sutton Mill
WALTON John Baptised 29.11.1866 of Sutton
WALTON Sarah Baptised 27.3.1870 of Sutton, now Mrs Heaton
Thanks again, Kite.

Janet 25-11-14 05:22

Many stones to be turned over here. I won't have any time for awhile. :(

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