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Phoenix 15-05-12 18:19

Do I have the right death for Aunt Fan?
Frances Horne was born Dec qtr 1876 in Shamley Green, Surrey. I don't have her birth certificate, but she is the daughter of John Horne & Catherine nee Broomfield and I have a nice family photo which includes her, taken early 1880s.

Frances marries William Andrews in Mar 1902 (again no cert, but it is Hambledon RD, so she probably got spliced in Shamley Green church) and 1911 sees them in Pitlake, Croydon. William is a baker & confectioner, which tallies nicely with one of Frances' nieces remembering vaguely that an aunt had a shop in Croydon. Frances' birthplace is Shamley Green.

William & Frances have two daughters, Winnifred (b 1902) & Grace (b 1904)

I've looked at the street directories and followed the family at Pitlake from 1910 to 1929. In 1930, Henry Young is the baker & confectioner at that address.

I wrestled with electoral rolls, but didn't get much done. However, in 1929 Grace Helen Andrews is the owner (with a Mitcham address) and Henry Young the occupier!

This begs the question of what happened to William and Frances. Winifred was already married, but would a couple only in their fifties have handed the business over to their spinster daughter? Even if they hoped that the sweetener of a business would take her off their hands?;)

William Andrews is way too common a name to trace successfully, but I have found one candidate for Frances:

June 1969, dob 13 October 1876, Surrey Northern.

But this would make her still alive when I started my research. I can understand that a very old lady might have been in a home for years and not communicating much (certainly her sister told me to go and bother the nieces!), but I would have thought my voracious letter-writing family would have known when she died?

Can anyone see any better candidates?

Merry 15-05-12 18:29


Can anyone see any better candidates?
No, no better ones :)

kiterunner 15-05-12 18:50

Me neither.

Phoenix 15-05-12 21:09

Thank you ladies! I was brought up on the litany of Mill, Till, Cel, Kate, Fan & Nell - I knew the names of them all, so I always assumed that they were long dead. Wrong again!

Phoenix 10-10-19 12:52

Tidying up a very old thread, yes, I did find Aunt Fan - just checked on the 1939 register.

So much for the family keeping in touch! (And another three girls were born post 1911 census)

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