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Guinevere 01-03-11 14:04

Family Photos 1911 - 1920
Please add your photos with the names of those photographed, if known.

Margaret in Burton 01-03-11 19:02

My great grandmother Jane Barks nee Hallam with all of her children. Taken whilst her husband George was in the army during WW1.

My grandmother Mary Ellen (seated on the left)

back row:

Ruth Annie, Doris May, Walter Sydney, George Frederick, Catherine

front row:

Alfred Henry, Olive Sarah and Florence Daisy on her mother's knee

(grandmother was 18 and the eldest. I can't imagine my mother still having children was I was 18)

Margaret in Burton 01-03-11 19:12

My OH's grandfather Peter Henry Harrison

Taken whilst he was a prisoner of war on the Russian - German border during 1915.

Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

Margaret in Burton 01-03-11 19:21

My grandfather's brother Frank Jabez Newey, he died of Typhus in 1916 and the date of 1915 is written on the back of the photo.

Margaret in Burton 01-03-11 19:23

My grandfather youngest brother William Henry Newey who served in the Royal Navy before and during WW1.

Margaret in Burton 01-03-11 19:32

My husband's great uncle Francis Stanbridge, Gordon Highlanders with his sister Elsie Mary Stanbridge (standing) and step sister Celina Powell.

Francis was killed in Flanders in 1916

Margaret in Burton 01-03-11 19:34

My husbands grandmother Lucy Stanbridge.

She was born in 1901 and I would think she looks in her teenage years.

ElizabethHerts 02-03-11 19:48

H.M.S. Lowestoft 1915

My grandfather is in the 2nd row, 4th from the left.
He went into the Navy aged 16 on a scolarship from Portsmouth Grammar School.

ElizabethHerts 02-03-11 20:02


Stella 02-03-11 20:30

My mother's gt grandfather and his descendants, taken about 1911.

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