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Phoenix 09-06-22 11:09

Do you know your godparents?
I am godmother to Best Mate's daughter, but neither she nor I can remember who the godfather was. My two aunts were my godmothers, but I don't remember a godfather.

Since this is an indication of trust and friendship (or the careful selection of someone who would promote the advancement of one's child) it's a useful nugget of information to store.

If you were christened, do you know who the sponsors were? Equally importantly, have you recorded it anywhere?

kiterunner 09-06-22 11:18

I haven't got any godparents because I wasn't christened.

Merry 09-06-22 11:49

Me neither.

I never understand why godparents never get any mention in C of E records. Surely it's important to know who they were?

Sue from Southend 09-06-22 11:57


Originally Posted by Merry (Post 408880)
Me neither.

I never understand why godparents never get any mention in C of E records. Surely it's important to know who they were?

The Huguenot baptism records give the godparents names and, like marriage witnesses, often give clues to other family members.

I know who my godmother was but haven't clue about a godfather!

ElizabethHerts 09-06-22 12:08

I had two godmothers and one godfather.

One of my godmothers was a schoolfriend of my mother. She was a Matron at a local hospital in Cornwall and never married. My siblings were always extremely jealous as she sent me massive Easter eggs every year! She had a caravan at Treyarnon Bay in Cornwall and we used to stay there for surfing weekends.

My other godmother was the girl who used to babysit for my brother and sister before I was born. I didn't have so much contact with her as my parents moved to Devon but she was a constant in my life.

My godfather was the husband of my mother's younger sister. He was just lovely and such fun. Sadly he developed severe arthritis and died aged 69.

My baptism used to be online but it appears to have disappeared.
I was baptised in a very rural Devon church. We visited a few years ago when we were in Devon.

HarrysMum 09-06-22 12:17

I knew my godmother very well, but she’s now passed away. I am still friendly with her daughter who is one month younger then me and started calling me Libby when she couldn’t say Elizabeth.

I know my goddaughter well also.

maggie_4_7 09-06-22 12:38


Originally Posted by kiterunner (Post 408877)
I haven't got any godparents because I wasn't christened.

Neither have I, also not christened, but all my family are Atheist/Humanists so it just doesn't happen. Although I was illegitimate so not sure it could have happened anyway just on that fact.

Olde Crone 09-06-22 12:58

Maggie, being illegitimate is no bar to being baptised, certainly C of E, but I understand some vicars in the past performed such baptisms out of grim duty, which probably put a lot of single mothers off! Or course, pre registration, it was very important to be baptised as that was the only legal proof of existence.

I am not baptised, much to the horror of my Victorian relations - my lovely Auntie Jessie, who would cheerfully have died for me, told me more than once that I was going to hell when I died.

My daughters are all baptised - their father's doing, not mine. Only one godparent took the role seriously and I can hardly remember who the others were.


Margaret in Burton 09-06-22 13:00

I knew all of mine. Dads sister, mums sister and dads brother. Uncle reckoned he was godfather to most of his nieces and nephews as he was the only one confirmed, which they often insisted on.
My elder daughter has my sister, my husbands best female friend and my best male friend. Daughter calls the female friend godmummy.
Younger daughter we had to have OH’s side of the family :rolleyes:
Twin cousins, who I can’t stand and have nothing to do with now and his male cousin who is now dead. We were asked if any of the godparents were confirmed, said yes the godfather. Didn’t mention that it was in the Catholic Church though.

Given my time again I wouldn’t have bothered but my mother in law was raised Catholic and I’d never have heard the end of it if I’d refused. The church where they were christened is the same one I married in. They obviously didn’t do many as my daughters are one under the other in the register, yes I’ve seen it, and almost three years apart.

I’m godmother to a niece. My sister grandchildren have all been christened except a three year old, because of the pandemic, and a three week old. Niece will get them done at the same time I assume.
We went to my great nieces christening a few weeks ago. I couldn’t believe how many people stood up when the vicar asked for the godparents to come forward. Must have been at least eight of them. Ridiculous.

Ann from Sussex 09-06-22 18:48

I have a very fancy decorated certificate recording my baptism which took place when I was 2 months old. My aunt and uncle ( my mum's brother and his wife) and the parents of my sister's best friend were my godparents. I saw these two frequently when we lived in Brighton and have very fond memories of them but we lost touch after moving to Nottingham when I was 4. I did occasionally see my aunt and uncle until they died and they were at my wedding. I am in regular touch with their daughter and her family though.

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