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Phoenix 09-08-19 17:11

When did this happen?
I manage various people's DNA. Several - for reasons I respect - do not wish to make their identities or trees available.

Now (I don't think it was formerly the case) MY trees are shown as unlinked trees for them as well.

Do I have to make all my trees private and unsearchable in order to protect their privacy?

Oakum Picker 09-08-19 17:24

My matches that are managed by one person all show the same tree detail and always have although I only started in March

kiterunner 09-08-19 17:24

I think this has been the case for a long time, Phoenix.

Kit 13-08-19 07:50

Isn't there an option for their DNA to not be found? Not their tree but the DNA results in the first place? I thought we had to agree to something to see matches and be found.

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