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Originally Posted by kiterunner View Post
It looks as though Mordaunt Ricketts Esqr was a local bigwig, and he also had at least one illegitimate child, according to the British in India cards on FMP. I haven't figured out whether he was related to Seraphina or William yet.

I went back to the episode and looked at the passenger list which they showed for Harriot's journey to England in 1811 - remember they were saying there was no servant shown as looking after her, so maybe one of the mothers on the voyage was asked to keep an eye on her? Well, it could just be a coincidence, but she is shown as landing at Longreach 20th May, along with three Hunter children (Oswald 5, Jacob 2, and Andrew 1). And there is a servant, Massey Williams, listed as looking after the "Hunters". Could they be related to Seraphina's daughter Charlotte Hunter? There are also some Crommelins listed, and Mordaunt Ricketts married a Crommelin in 1811. So I should think there were some people on board who knew Harriot quite well.

I haven't managed to find that passenger list online yet to view it in full. Nor the records of who paid for passage - would like to see who paid for the Hunter children.
The Crommelins and Girardots were connected:
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